Parodies’ Paradise: 2015 “Hello”

Adele’s lead single from her third studio album became her second UK number-one single, following… the largest opening week sales in three years… debuted at the top of the BillboardHot 100 in the US, reigning for 10 consecutive weeks… fourth number-one on the chart… the first song to sell over a million digital copies in a week… 2015’s 7th best-selling single… the music video broke the Vevo Record by achieving over 27.7 million views within a 24-hour span… also broke the record for shortest time to attain 100 million Vevo views, as well as shortest time to reach one billion YouTube views (88 days)… won three Grammy Awards: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Solo Performance.

Adele-able parodies tend to lift the level of high humor due to her… saintliness?

Alyssa Smith plays her collegiate parody into a “Hello It’s Christmas.” But it takes forever and the lip synching is novocained.

Nicole Wilson invites you to her Xmas party with her “‘Hello’ Adele Parody.” That’s some trouble for an e-vite.

Kelsey Lynn Ellis redeems the echoey vocalizations with “Hello from the North Pole” in which Santa searches for the faithful.

Tim Wheeler takes it up a pearly gate with “Hello, Christmas Eve” pitching services for his church. Wait. this is advertising!

Kelli Smith goes Jesus with Josh Christopher’s “Hello.” Christ’s birth is a wake up call, y’all. Hello!

Newlife fights the war against Christmas with “Hello (It’s Christmas Time).” I’m not sure which haters don’t want him to don his gay apparel, but he makes a case for ostentatious decorating. Great video.

Rakhee Noazaria spends a whole minute trying to get the ‘rents to answer the door in her “Hello (Christmas Edition).” Hehe.

Joel Kopischke, a god among parodists, has Kelli Cramer sing about a disappointed list maker in “‘Hello’ Adele Christmas Parody.” Kelli sells it, and the humor is largely blown out of the water by her vocals.

Phat Daddies make the obvious play with “Ho Ho” casting Santa as the emo whiner we hate to see. Nice parody.

The same idea in “Ho Ho” by The White Boys takes its own sweet time, but comes off funnier.

Kim Novak brings it down the chimney with her “Ho Ho.” It’s not all cookie jokes, but Santa takes it on the belly here.