Merry Mistletoe: party warm up

You need hard driving music to get the mistletoe party started.

Wait wait. Softly to begin. Gotta warm up those kissable lips.

Besureis is all about setting the kiss party mood with “Mistletoe.” Mmmm.

Gentle as an opening oven revealing gingerbread, Kyle Harrington sing-murmurs “Mistletoe Song” so nice. You can trust him.

Ghost the Jukebox will foreplay you up with “Mistletoe.” Rollicking and romantic.

Crashing and clashing, party boy Dino Barbiera (is that a party name or what?) leads you to the mistletoe with good-boy promises in “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.” You’ll be there.

Now Atomsplit will plant one on you b/c they are the “Master of Mistletoe.” Party pucker up!