Wrap the Rainbow: silver

We’re in-between white and black for a couple tones.

‘Silver Bells’ rules the Xmas Lists of Songs since the 1951 Bob Hope movie it premiered in. It does not share its color well with others. So we’ll make fun of it, just a bit, with Jay Livingston and Ray Evans hypothesizing “Silver Balls.” Worth watching and you should be taking notes.

Let’s admit that sliver should be for bells and ornaments–but somewhere by the 1960s some of us thought the whole tree should be silver.

Steve Weeks gently rocks and rolls with his “Aluminum Christmas Tree.” Oh, the adventures he has with his new retro friend!

Country comedy comes from David DeBoy in “Aluminum Christmas Tree.” Jokes, jokes, jokes!

The big joy with aluminum trees, was lighting them any color you wanted (even TV shimmery), as told by Benny Grunch in “I Could See the Aluminum Tree Through the Pitcha Winda.” Nostalgia from the lower classes!

In fact, let’s turn on “The Color Wheel Christmas Song” by Brad Stubbs. It blends rock and pop so you can taste mild psychedelic bubble gum.

Wait’ll you get a load of The Alcoa Singers (actually The Pittsburgh Flashcats) praising their tree with “Aluminum, Aluminum” (to the tune of ‘O Tannenbaum’). You’ll wonder where you can get one!