Christmas Every Day: January

Christmas is meant to be a frame of mind, not a box in the calendar. Not that i can find a lot of ‘Christmas in April’ songs (okay, i did find one really cool one).

Let’s roll through the twelve months like it’s the twelve nights and find something to celebrate for each of my pin-up’s pages.

January is a bit of a burn-out for the Holidays. (I am NOT going to insert any ’12 Days of–‘ songs here because after a dozen days we’re into the first month of the year. And mostly because i hate nearly all novelty versions of that heinous hymn.) But there are a couple fun AFTER songs…

In fact Jim Sarthou sings about wanting “An After Christmas Song.” It’s sentimental enough, but not rally catchy enough to hum for the following weeks of taking down the decorations. This is an Aunt Irma song tribute. If you wanta get up and dance to it, click on The Skavengers‘ version. These Filipinos shake it up.

More into the spirit of the decreasing’ reasons, Lost Dogs sing the “Song for the Day After Christmas.” Its folky and snarky and yet religious, too. Feeling it.

Weary but still on the dance floor, KC and The Sunshine Band allow for “The After Christmas Song.” It has flavors of the Caribbean, and down home funk.

The Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club is another gimmick to get worthy unknowns into your field of vision. Each year they (UK) offer up a spendy limited pressing with A-side original Christmas music, and B-side reimagined Christmas song (which you may not have in your rotation). Cool, cool, cool. So try out this Nancy Wallace song about missing loved ones on 12/25 and having to spend the holiday with them LATER in “January.” It’s daintily folksy and loving and, despite close listening, does NOT seem Cristmassy.