BLUE ALERT: not quite the s word (-3)

Now that we’re in the realm of obscenity, we need to realize bodily functions are so taboo that their mere mention indicates wrongness. So shit don’t just mean shit. It means unwanted presents; it means trouble i don’t want to deal with; it means lies.

Not all of us are ready to use the S word, so some will settle for ‘crap’ and You Know What I Mean. (I can remember back in the 1970s when a local radio station bleeped out that euphemism in the Paul Simon song ‘Koda Chrome.’)

Some tender up the word like a turd: “Don’t Give a Crap about Christmas” by Noodles and Ole play the sped up chipmunks bit to make the dirty word funny. Their satire is tiring and too apologetic, though.

So, in order to get in the spirit of angry hard usage enjoy Patsy Hoolahan’s singing toilet and “I Won’t Take Crap for Christmas.”