BLUE ALERT: number two (3)

The satirical backlash to cute children’s songs often results in simply more banality, even when The Toilet Bowl Cleaners (just one guy actually) endeavor to compile a complete album (Holiday Poop Puke & Pee Songs) of scatalogical gross-outs. The holidays range from Father’s Day to Thanksgiving, with special attention to Christmas.

But “I’ll Be Home Pooping for Christmas” is just musically shitting around.

And  “I Saw Mommy Wiping Santa’s Bum” is more of a sad family descent into incontinence and elder care.

I should have given Matt Farley, a novelty Spotify song cranker-outter, his own nod for number one with “Pee on the Christmas Tree” because that’s a bouncy message-laden number I can get behind… but i’ll leave you with “I Pooped on Santa’s Lap” because it has what you’d expect (with a salsa beat).