Tripping Bells: Tetrahydrocannabinol

Our last offering, you may have noted, featured a jolly fella. Since Clement Clarke Moore happened to mention that Santa was a smoker, plenty have sung about what was in that bowl he was bogarting.

Neon has more international frivolity with “Santa was a Rasta.” This is slightly more psychedelic than Reggae, and the MJ references are neatly tucked around the corners. But, mmm–boy, it is fun.

For the full flavor of Rasta hold in “Rasta Santa” by Jah Small as long as your lungs can take it. The effects are immediate.

If you care to overdose, from about the same time as Jimmy Cliff was Harder Coming Jacob Miller and Ray I were losing themselves in “All I Want for Ismus.” Someone open a window.

Tripping Bells: Ganja

Does the THC make you think Rastafarian?

Wafande plays it Jamaica cool with “The Only Thing I Want for Christmas is Ganja.” Reggae can be a political force, or it can as here be laid back and give thanks–irie, mon.

Perhaps a bit more needy, Major Lazer wishes up ganja stalks for “Christmas Trees.” This Reggae has been cut with pop music.

Nellie McKay blends the Reggae with Dixieland, soul, and the blues to twist up “Weed (All I Want for Christmas).” It’s a sweet if slightly blue homage to the flammable fun of the holidays.

Sweet Christmas! mince pie 2

Some of the mince pie Christmas songs are a bit of all right, as the Anglos say.

Alan and Brian take up the bet of musicalizing the top of mince pies and trundle out “Mince Pies.” Light pop music, but clever just a hair, and musical more than it needs to be. Epic even. Cheers.

A sort of sequel “Mince Pies, Gas Mark III” features Brian and other churchgoers staccato-splaining the makings and shakings of pandowdy in question. this time we go beyond epic to mini-musical leading us from auntie’s ovens to the Nativity. Mercy!

Trevor Storey shows you what metal music, 64 bits, and a love of mince pie can do for songs in “Mince Pie.” Hang thy sock; bang thy head.

Best in show is the Blackpool reggae stylings of Wozza and “Mince Pies.” It’s a party is a pastie! (Warren Jackson’s video is sum fun as well.)