X Files-mas: Robots (overlords)

The singularity may be only a couple decades off, but as with most prophecies our general intelligence and anxiety of overlording artificial intelligence or robotic sentience will preclude any takeover. The actual robopocalypse will be with a whimper, not a bang. We will become them, they will become us. No difference… after 2050 or so.

Still, it’s my opportunity to once again include MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG of all time. Jonathan Coulton’s boss pop “Chiron Beta Prime.”

Now try “The Christmas Robot” by MJ Hibbett & The Validators! This apparently children’s song pits The Christmas Dinosaur against humankind’s nemesis to violent effect. The ending hints at Christmas spirit, but then–

Retrobot shows us the evolutionary beginning of these masters with their “Christmas Robot.” EDM for kids.

Rampaging robots are sometimes just in pain, like the “Secret Robotic Gorilla Christmas” from Hot Buttered Elves. Brief sharp pop.

The Game Chasers go a different route with their “Christmas Robotica.” Lost in space these artificial beings chase booty… for Christmas. Prog/metal inexplicableness.

JPK tootles out some electronica in order to celebrate “Christmas Robot.” It’ll be the first to tell you: does not compute.

Qae also simply tootles the electronica for “Robot Christmas.” No judgment, just EDM.

Dogstooth gets down to brass tacks with “Killer Robot Christmas.” No Futurama icons were harmed during the metal of this song. But all meatbags are in jeopardy.

Tyrannosaurus Mouse warns us of all the hidden perils in a “Robot Christmas.” Emotional hair metal.

Youth on Track rock for “The Robots at Christmas.” Will you get one for a present? Will it kill you? Give their pieces a chance….

Proton Packs’s “Junkie Robot Christmas” pops the metal with adult intent. Were WE the robots all along?

And then there’s the helpful robots. Parry Gripp does not overthink the concept when he pops us “Merry Christmas from TacoBot.” Watch the extra cheese.

Otto the Christmas Drone” is Music Production’s jazzy lite pop intro to another helper who can get into places reindeer won’t. So, Rudolph’s replaced, but gets to vacation. Wild tempo.

Ice Cream Vendors get some ’90s retro pop for the artificial sounding “Robot Christmas.” This time it’s celebration. And what do robots have for dessert–?