X Files-mas: Robots (Santa, Jesus, etc.)

Let’s get specific with our Xmas-bots.

Hunter’s Christmas Project seems to worry that “Robot Santa” knows when you’re sleeping etc. bc it uses spy gear and drones. Scary, yet pop.

P-Dog & Maddog enters the realm of experimental music, accidentally i presume, with “Robot Santa.” Confrontation with shooting seems to be the reason for the season.

Benny Holmes raps the story of Santa being replaced with a machine in “DarcYLand – Robot Santa.” Fun.

Glial Cell foretells Santa’s passing kickstarting governmental automation for a moving pop brio “Robot Santa.” But, love–?

The Bunkhouse Boys make punk of “Robot Santa Claus.” It’s just another song.

Were you loo0king for more Futurama Robot Santa? Screamerclauz drops samples of the show into their electronic metal “Robosanta.” It’s funny ‘cuz it’s deadly.

Steve Paget welcomes us to the house of “Robot Jesus.” A nice electronic pop introduction.

Funky blues from La Tormenta lays out “Robot Jesus” as rubbet hay-seuss. Robot or alien?

Robot Jesus UFO” settles that debate with scampering backbeaten rock via The Demons of Folk. Check your uplink prayer unit.

Robot Jesus – A Christmas Song” is another electronically deranged recitation this time cleverly enunciated by kharmakazy.

Bonecage’s “Merry Christmas Robot Christ” introduces a whole new Second Coming. And not a nice one, despite the quite danceable pop music. The End.