Christmas Countdown: 4 people

Stephen Colbert’s ’08 Christmas special was finale-ed with his co-stars Elvis Costello and John Legend about the individualistic free will thing for the holidays. “There are Much Worse Things to Believe in” is a jazz-shaped show tune lounge act that makes you go hmm. And a one-man four-part Christmas carol, so really individualistic.

Cha$e D’Amico likes “Ice Skating.” Got the blades running on the ice so smoothly, I’m like a 4th Migo feeling bad and boujee! Sharply syncopated rap. Not like skating, musically.

In the best times VonE says Regardless of what I got you felt the loving In our house of just four. But the weird atonal falsetto meandering of “Merry Christmas” makes this rap (?) a horrorshow. A long one.

Chris Rea wails on his axe for the IRONIC “Joys of Christmas.” I see all the tough guysout on the street... Fathers of 2, 3 maybe 4, what are they gonna do? Masterful wordjazz that’s not joyful, not at all.

Also down in the dumps, Weatherfield barely sings his way through “Christmas Song.” Folk misspoken leads us to loss: This Christmas there’ll be 2 or 3 of us If we’re lucky maybe 4. As way of explanation, the las line is I just quit drinking so i know nothing at all.

I have four children strong and proud, And they have children too, warbles John McDermott. But it makes him have “Christmas Memories,” so with the finest Celtic pipes he hopscotches around hearths and homes with earnest cornballery.

More family fun from “Holiday Fun,” a jumpin’ breathless rocker from Andres Javier. Set to descend on the fam with gifts in tow, he reports: My bros and I are the four kings come in the night. Get that Christmas spirit ready, y’all.