ReduXmas: ‘Merica-Mas

I scroll, i search, i sneak a peep most days for cool Christmas songs you may not have seen. For some reason, i thematize these into clumps. Each month (or so) features a concept and, since Christmas songs are about EVERYTHING, i include a hundred or so songs about Xmas about some special theme for you to peruse.

While i search for songs about Christmas bugs, i find songs about Christmas marijuana. When i narrow down to songs about Christmas pot, there’s another song about Christmas murder. But i already did that!

I’ve been known to re-edit past posts to add something phenomenal. The 28 June ’16 Manger Management post got an Axis of Awesome song added “I Love Being a Cow” a year and a half later–3 December ’17. What can I say, it was Awesome.

So i thought, why not just set aside a month every 2 1/2 years to add new songs for old ideas! Here we go…

Starting October of 2016 i posted 380 songs featuring the holiday season in the USA, state-by-state, territory-by-territory (about 80 concerning California). (Perhaps better entitled ‘MeriCa-mas.) Since then a couple more state-bound noels crept outta the composite.

5 Chinese Brothers slowly drawl out the bluesy “Christmas in Manhattan.” Childish wide-eyed glee with a jazzy back beat.

Back to the upbeat, “Christmas in Miami” is a snazzy party of high speed pop from Marc Sardou. Dancing shoes on!

Bluesy, nay drunken rock from James Slater delineates “All I Want from Santa is a Girl from Atlanta.” This is NOT woke, gang.

Reflective folk from John Styles tasks “Christmas in California” as a no-way vacay of soft play (hey hey). More like California in California.

Misty eyed for home? Even the south? Our social working pal, Dr. BLT tells it like it could be with country funkin’ “Christmas in South Carolina.” His downhome country “It Never Snows on the Streets of Bakersfield” fills in the gaps of his logic.

Detroit Christmas Blues” is some odd bluegrass from Tim Pak. Don’t take my word for it… click that link!

Actual blues from Shelley King introduces you to “Christmas in Austin.” Fun.

Now that you’re weirding out, Shadow Disorder percussively alts out “Christmas in Michigan” as a stalkery love song of wintry expectations. Brr. My Christmas song list just shrank.