As Seen on TV: MST3K/Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Snarking on crummy old z-grade movies hasn’t really been my giddiap, but Joel Hodgson has been a cottage industry of it for decades now. I’ve only offered one of his songs “Patrick Swayze Christmas” before. “Merry Christmas–If That’s OK” is more sophomoric boys being boys (witty, yes… clever, ok).

As i was a fan of the flagship of Adult Swim toons, i will allow these daffy dadaists to insinuate their way into my blog with a “12 Days of Christmas” routine. (I am usually so jaded with ’12 Days’ parodies i get all Oscar Wilde inside and rush on to something else.) But this one’s super-rando!

This show was nothing more than recycled cartoons i grew up with reimagined as a drug trip of epic oddity. At the end of the Christmas episode was another mangled carol “We Wish You a Happy Birthday.” Click click.

As Seen on TV: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Turtles were around for a decade, mid ‘eighties to mid-‘nineties, but the nasty cash grab begins in the early ‘nineties. “We Wish You a Turtle Christmas” is more cheaply made than porn, although it tries harder on the songs than on the dialog because this is the touring rock show in their own special.

Title song gets a cinematic treatment, as the big box office films came out before this video villainy. Pop.

Michaelangelo’s Christmas Opera Song” is ‘O Tanenbaum’ done funnily. It helps the plot a bit.

“Gotta Get a Gift for Splinter” is percussive ska with an almost catchy beat.