Ghost of Christmas Pastiche: Metallica

Albums by less than Christian artists ironically covering Xmas are 1$ a dozen. It’s them playing bourgeoise. (Ha!) Many do that. (For $$$) Which makes it hard to find guitartists willing to put the musical stamp of some one greater on their own little holiday project. But, Youtube is endless…

So here’s “What If… Metallica Played Christmas Songs!” cobbled together by Creble Star with no little talent.

Ghost of Christmas Pastiche: Jim Morrison (the Doors)

vito106 has posted some foolishness that sparked a wee bit o’ controversy. “Back Door Santa” has no provenance, but it has some melty fun to it.

Mark Pitta has an exercise in imitation that pits Doors music to J Bells so let’s call it “Jim Morrison Jingle Bells Imitation.”

Since it’s fun i have to share Mr. Mojo’s “Lost Doors Christmas Song?” It’s out and out parody, but nom nom nom.

Masterful comic actor you’ve seen in something somewhere Mario Cantone has the bit we’re looking for. “Jim Morrison Christmas Special” makes merry with melody. The jokes don’t always land, but the effort is consciousness raising.

Ghost of Christmas Pastiche: Elvis


Granted most E-impersonators’d rather cover ‘Blue,’ a few have tried on the swivel hips for Xmas songs he never sung.

Steve King and Planetdance Elves attempt to raise the geriatric with “Mistletoe and Wine.” Not a standard yule number, but it smells like Vegas. A-huh.

Many other auteurs have brand new songs that swing and sway like rockabilly, which attracts a certain sneer, and well, Elvis just comes natch’ally. (Most of these have been categorized before; most of these bear repeats.)

Johnny Earle’s “Mistletoe Rock” does indeed rock. It sounds almost accidentally Elvis.

Dennis Kolb casually channels Mr. Graceland with “Christmas Stockin‘.” It’s a 6 on the e-meter.

Dave Rudolf conjures the Pelvis with “Fruitcakes for Christmas” with a sly arrogance. What’s that smell?

Shakin’ Stevens has a worthy heir to the Tupelo Tornado. though it share more genes with Ricky Nelson. “Rockin’ Little Christmas” deserves air time.

Kerr Donnelly Band really mush mouths it with “Rockin’ into Christmas.” Give them an audience with the King.

Professional impersonator Ryan Perry has delivered on our promise: an original Elvis Christmas song in his style to honor his legacy. It’s okay. “Merry Christmas, My Love.”

Ghost of Christmas Pastiche: Led Zeppelin

Mojochronic has posted a medley of carols done funky electronic (as a sequel?): “Yuletide Zeppelin II.”

Oh, yeah, this mashup master also has a “Yuletide Zeppelin” from a previous year. Found it through Peter the Elf. (It’s better.)

Ghost of Christmas Pastiche: Pink Floyd

Rooster Slayer noodles on his guitar with “Fa La La Floyd Christmas Song.” Mesmerizing, if a bit show offy.

Moneyshot Cosmonauts (od FuMP fame) melt it in a minute with “The North Side of the Pole, Part 4: Red and Green.” Top o’ the charts, baby! (Don’t forget “Parts 5 and 6“–cool, cool, cool.) (These are parodies, gang, but I couldn’t reisist, hee hee hee.)

Ghost of Christmas Pastiche: Peter Murphy/Tom Waits

Professor Gall has a Tom Waits ol’ time with “Whiskey Was the Medicine (To Get Me Through Another Christmas Eve Night).”

FuMP delivers unto us Pony Death Ride’s “(It’s a) Tom Waits Christmas.” Just what I wanted!

Porn Orchard does a fun routine honoring these dolorous genre-breakers with “Christmas Sucks.” Some sites argue over whether these are impersonations. Come on.

Ghost of Christmas Pastiche: Yoko Ono

Beatles wrecker Yoko Ono may have only been understood by her not-quite-there poet husband John Lennon, but oh well never mind. I don’t get her either.

Yoko’s Christmas Song” captures some of that oddity in a seasonal mailer to fans.

And Guppy Pie has a sweet little ‘Imagine’ parody purporting to be a Christmas song (mostly about John).

Jaycub Howard goes for the jugular with “A Christmas Gift from Yoko Ono.” It’s the sort of joke that’s funny to inflict on others.

Social Overload goes overboard with the same joke in “A Very Yoko Christmas.” Okay this was a bad idea.