Yo Ho Ho-Batten Down the Hatches

Sean Leigh’s “Pirate Christmas Song” with lounge rock recounts the traditions of those lawless seamen: dirty jokes, homemade gifts, and Spam. Amateur amusement.

Christmas with Alestorm” features the merry metal of the band Alestorm singing a true Gaelic ballad about Christmas Eve in pirate land. Most of the line ending rhyme with rum, and no one remembers the night before. But….

Yo Ho Ho Ho-Dance with Jack Ketch

Cities Never Sleep take no prisoners in their grunge rocking “Yo Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.” They’ll steal your hearts and sail to new sunsets. Like pirates! Watch out for the spoken epilogue.

Mandrew the dog was The Yogscast’s amazing “Brand New Friend at Christmas Time.” He was actually a super-powered new friend, who fought robots, put the toilet seat down, and Rescued pirates from their sinking ship (and pulled Santa’s sleigh). Sadly this means he’s not home for cuddles as much as he could be. Frolicsome pop.

Yo Ho Ho Ho-Ye Banished Privateers album

Swedish band Ye Banished Privateers have been dropping albums for a decade, but their Xmas offering A Pirate Stole My Christmas is only a couple years out. They had offered annual holiday/pirate stuff for years, and so finally compiled. This is straight up caroldies, or parodies of traditional carols. But their growlings are scary and their wit is sharp. Clumsy, but educational, is “Sulphur Ahoy,” a mashup of ‘Merry Gentlemen’ and ‘Pat-a-Pan.’ In it we fear the scurvy, as well as the antique treatment of sulphur fumes. Phew! Better is “O Cannonball” (‘O Tannenbaum’) about the high pitched fear of attacks from on far. And even more better “Drawn and Quartered” is ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High’–but about an executed pirate. Best is “Ring the Bells,” an almost unrecognizable ‘Jingle Bells’ about all hope being lost. Groovy. We approve.

Yo Ho Ho Ho-Walkin’ the Plank

Chris Jarvis presents a tutorial (with chord changes) in the exploration of what to do with “A Pirate’s Christmas.” What do you give a man who takes everything? Folk oddity.

Hotel Faux Pas fife and drum a grand pop tune about egregious souls hoping for a visit from St. Nick in “A Pirate Christmas.” Touching. Using that skull to roast marshmallows, however, may be an adaptation too far.

Yo Ho Ho Ho-X Marks the Spot

Jason Andre admits “It’s Hard to be a Pirate at Christmas.” Not just fighting the Kraken, but also being too naughty for Santa, and no red decorations. Visions of looting the sleigh, just isn’t enough. Well acted shanty pop.

Phreddcat pits Santa Claus against Christ in the allegorical “Merry Pirate Christmas.” This wild jazzy ride borders on rockabilly, so it’s fun and meaningful, too.

Yo Ho Ho Ho-Grog’n’Ale

Ross Mayhew stands and delivers (somewhat effetely) “A Pirate’s Christmas Eve.” He’s hoping for plunder under his tree, but seems to be part of the hard-partying crew. Still, this jolly ditty is just off enough to arouse the blog.

The Jolly Rogers roust up some gee-dee fine pirate shanties if that be t’yer liken. But their One holiday number, “Loose Cannons” (AKA ‘Christmas in Carrick’)’ is all about the feasting and drinking and carrying on… and drinking. Cheers.

Yo Ho Ho Ho-Elementary School Assembly

 John Jacobson & Roger Emerson have one of those kid shows to lure in the parents to the grade school, A Pirate Christmas. Kids on a Caribbean holiday encounter pirates (more kids). The idea of stealing vs. giving gets some play in the pop “Give and Take.” Then Santa intervenes and whisks them all to the Pole where reindeer teach pirates to dance in the trad R’n’R “It’s Cool to be Cool.” Santa’s soft pop lesson, “Christmas Joy,” is a party downer–but a young pastor’s delight. The finale is easy listening mealiness, but could be our month’s theme song: “A Pirate Christmas.” Sing along! For your grade!

Yo Ho Ho Ho-The Briny Deep

Lori Mae Hernandez reappears (after rising to the level of America’s Got Talent) with “Yo Ho Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” all about Santa’s bathroom habits.

Putting up the tree and mate yanking and swabbing the deck are just some of the “Christmas Time On A Pirates Ship (A Christmas Shanty)” fun-time activities by Cookies and Cream Entertainment (with Derek and Andrew). A rap masked as shanty with a strange Eastern European accent. Yeah, it’s like that.

Yo Ho Ho Ho-Scurvy Dog

Joe Quincy confuses me with his hootenanny of a jingle “The Pirate Cowboy.” Amidst all the whooping and carrying on about his drinking, cursing, climbing papa, i hear ‘No, this is Santa Claus.’ Tie goes to the runner.

Not sure if the Carolinas were beleaguered by freebooters in days of yore, but Chuck Phillips soft rocks the country in “Christmas in Carolina.” Admiring the local traditions, he notes: The sailboats string lights from the main, Pirates Yo-Ho Merry Christmas. Where’d that come from–?