Guiding Lights

Sometimes the light of Xmas isn’t JC born precisely, it’s something more nebulous. Believer’s choice.

Gordon Dills says it is GOD when grassroots tinkering over the tune “Christmas Candle (God’s Gift of Light).” But he is so slyly faith-based without name-dropping any saviors that i’ll include him here.

Laurie Berkner also bypasses that church/state line, so her kidsong “Christmas Lights” can be sung in schools without the kids legally praying. (Watch out for the fun-ness of her behind-the-scenes epilogue.)

Light a Candle” is a song of giving and brotherhood and metaphor. Avalon does this pop with heavy gospel overtones.

Light a Light” from Melissa Etheridge sings about a season of change. This secularism with holy symbolism has got my head on a swivel. But it’s potent and pretty folk pop.