Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: kids 3

Kids want to sing and dance and learn at the hands of songs their betters ditto upon them.

Maple Leaf Learning has a sly pop number in “The Snowman Song” about a happy inanimate who wants to play but keeps melting away and then refreezing. Secular resurrection, anyone?

My Vox’s Michelle Schooff pops a cork with her pop “The Snowman” about those magical constructs that walk around while you’re asleep, like in those horror movies you’re not supposed to stay up for. Lots of calisthenics here.

The “Snowman Polka” is a creepy night-only dance from Deborah Malena and Garth Phillipsen. But kids need therapy less than us.

David Chicken enlists the kids to bop a doodle doo with “Snowman the Bop.” Socks out, kids!

Shake a leg for the party at the “Snowman’s Cafe.” Elizabeth McMahon conducts the ragtime fun.

The Snowman Went Waltzing One Christmas” is a sad tale of looking for the right partner from Das Grumps Bavarian Band. Grampa would like it. Better than you think.

ATTENTION PLEASE: MORAL COMING. Captain Kangaroo narrates the “The Littlest Snowman” to teach us about friendship and bravery and stuff. Come on.

Blingy the Snowman” reminds Gil Bezy of winter, and song, and Jesus. Kidsong or drug trip?

Caspar Babypants brings the adults into the room to see what the kids are listening to with danceable folk polka “I Wanna Be a Snowman.” Mmm, that’s good ball stacking.

Phil Keaggy rescues the genre with a quiet folk elegy, “The Snowman Song.” It’s thoughtful and reflective and touching, but keeping a departed one’s eyes and heart in jars in your room may not set examples we want children to follow.