Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: kids 5

Reworking tykes’ classics with snowmen in the lyrics is a shortcut to getting kids to singalong, like with superhero movies that just change the colors of the costumes.

5 Little Snowmen” reworks ‘5 Little Monkeys’ jumping on the bed. Oh My Genius makes this lively with a touch of bluegrass and bopping sfx. Hee hee.

Kiboomers’s “5 Little Snowmen” is redundant and complacent though. They don’t hurt different parts at all. Oh well.

David Hudspeth downs the tempo with “Five Little Snowmen” focusing on their demises. Dark. (Is he playing a bouzouki?)

There’s also ‘I’m a Little Snowman’ sung to ‘I’m a Little Teapot.’ It’s all ready to go for kids three and up. Short and cold.

Singing Hands embodies the horrific in kid songs with “I’m a Little Snowman.” All the joy is marched into syncopation, all the talent is colored between the lines.

Super Simple Songs ups the temp a bit with “I’m a Little Snowman” and round and around they go. Skippit.

Heidi Burgess creates a new melody for the old saw. One note, but insistent. I say brava.

Kiboomers are back to let us know the snowman can be round not fat. But it’s the polka liveliness that rescues “I’m a Little Snowman” here. I don’t want to just sing along. I want to be the godammt snowman.