Yuletide: Land Ho

Let’s bring ’round the professionals: sailors. For Christmas.

Skinny Lister has a hornpipe of no little merit hailing the setting of sail, and also of the return: Home again for Christmas “If the Gaff Don’t Let Us Down.” So big party when not drowned. It’s dance-inducing.

Homeward bound for the holidays, still the sailor spends Christmas in a harbor on the boat. Jeff Brown’s “Sailor’s Christmas” is nearly romantic, but the harsh harmonica in this breezy folk rock recalls us the hard times. (Yeah it’s Jimmy Buffett‘s song. So what.)

also on the way to land comes the indie/easy listening pop of “Sailor It’s Christmas Again” as posted by vandmalonogskid. Tubular bells, matey.

The Out of Tuna’s count time to “A Shanty’s Christmas.” It’s full of hope and is softly melodic for all its sailor-tom.