Christmas Countdown: 5 years, months, weeks

Even Blurry Videos prog rocks the terrible scene at the gravesite around the holidays: Today marks five years Since the accident on Mount Bliss. “On This Christmas Eve” is strangely upbeat in its journey to closure. Xmas spirit?

3LW has a problem: My man Came to the door, my gift in his hand; We been going out for four or five months… But, when gift is revealed they can only exclaim “Ahh Hell Nah” in their sweetest R+B rap.

Is five months long enough? Kyle Deutsch reveals on “You Told Santa“: We five months over now: I hear the sleigh bells ring it’s Christmas time again And I just can’t believe that you’re not here with me. R+B with a hopeful refrain.

Young Mister turns the tables on the kids when he admits Now it’s only the end of November, 5 weeks and counting until I get to let you open your presents and watch your heart as it fills about his young son. “Christmas, Come Early This Year” he wants with fine indie folk pop.

Wanting to be the “Elf” Katie Dwyer · Sunflower Summit · Jessie Max present an unconventional holiday gift-giving anticipation: I quite like my boyfriend; It’s only been five weeks–I dunno if he loves me, But I know he likes His face in my double D’s! Indie pop for when the kids aren’t around.