Name Four, again

Vixen’s fixin’ to turn heads.

Santa named a reindeer after me, claims Elizabeth Chan’s “Vixen.” Backbeating R+B for the siren.

Starhearts’s enchantin’ animalVixen” is a fine blend of funky R+B and smoky jazz. Other reindeer are in fact told off lyrically. The female has spoken.

Name Four, too

Yes, the middle reindeer inspire us beyond Vixenation.

Vixen” as rapped by KentheMan is nasty as it gets BLUE ALERT. This might just be a sex worker.

So, let’s get/to real music with a real rocking number from The Droogettes. “Vixen” is grrl rock recalling the ’80s vinyl-dressed post-punk insouciance. Eyes closed for a small BLUE ALERT.

Name Four

Vixen is the unfortunate name of the bunch. Some nasty connotations lead us where we don’t wanna go.

For example, Santa’s Angry Elves hard rock “Trump Grabbed Vixen by the Pussy.” Santa and Clinton are also named in this MeToo activated harassment complaint.

As a follow-up “Vixen’s Talkin’ to a Lawyer (And Santa’s at the Package Store).” J.P. Davis uses rockabilly to make her case. No objections here.

Name Three, too

Let’s pretend a ‘Rudolph’ parody is a funny thing. And now…

TheOdd1sOut “Prancer the Normal-Nosed Reindeer” writes itself. Maybe it should go listen to itself as well.

This guy garnered so much attention with that previous song, came back with the “Prancer Rap.” Also short, also derivative. Still fun. Bleeped out ass, so there’s that.

Name Three

Prancer is a fun reindeer name. Probably inspires fun songs.

The Head of Prancer” is what happens to noisy neighbors in the wrong ‘hood. Santa’s Angry Elves ease up on their usual metal thrashings to make merry with this prey animal.

Name Two

Dancer is co-lead reindeer. Not so much pressure, but same big deal responsibility. Ancillary antler safari.

Dancer is given co-credit (with Prancer and ‘Nervous’) in the 1959 almost-a-hit “The Happy Reindeer.” This cool cat kid pop novelty is loaded with laughs (their own) as they fly by the moon. Yippie kai yo.