Wait for Disaster

Let’s try this again. Rather than dwell on the imminency of Christmas, we shall talk about our feelings concerning waiting for Christmas. Is it delightful? Is it excruciating? Is it just something we do while the end invariably approaches?

And instead of filing through bad, mediocre, and good songs each day, try we all the smelly, then all the okay, then all the bearable, etc.


Music with Quinn dares to improvise a Christmas carol on-the-spot. When improv (accidentally) stumbles upon sense, we laugh with relief. “I Can’t Wait ’til Christmas” is not that pop success. The falsetto doesn’t help.

Swing band jazz promises cool. But The Chocolate Jazz Band knows too few licks and gets stuck in a rut of tempo through “You Tell Me Why I Wait for Christmas.”

Another who means well is Lambert Wilson. His electric piano rhythms, his thick accent, his monotone–they all make “I Can’t Wait for Christmas” fun for his immediate family only. This calypso easy listening polka mashup is the casserole left in the corner of the buffet.