Dependent Claus: cuckolding him to second base

How can Mrs. Claus keep warm when Santa’s delivering the toys? Some naughty boys have some rascally ideas.

Some of these adulterous allegations are couched in kid-friendly imagery, so i figure lots of fooling around–but nothing x-rated. See for yourself: “Mrs. Claus is on the Naughty List” by HawkBaby. Autotuning the swing doesn’t exactly qualify for a blue alert.

Ross and Dave have moves for “Mrs. Claus (I’m in Love with You).” Sweet Elvis classic rock moves, i do believe.

One night only, but Hayden Stearns wants to fulfill Mrs. C’s dreams. “Hey Mrs. Claus” is Euro-pop rock with bouncy flirtatiousness. Only slightly nasty.

The Barr Brothers use harp and Hawaiian strumming to retro ballad “Dear Mrs. Claus.” These are the moves, my men. Take note.