Manger Management: ampho

If I say Christmas and amphibians, you thing Kermit, right? Well, the frog of Sesame St. has covered many noels, but (apart perhaps from “Red and Green Christmas“) he never revels in what it’s like to be a low level vertebrate during the holidays. I need a frog song!

Filling in that niche (barely) is Tango the Tree Frog with “Green Christmas.”

What about Gross Kids singing “Tom the Toad“? You know that old camp song sung caroldy-style? Urm, let’s move on…

To a more literary front. Jonathan London’s children’s book Froggy’s Best Christmas gets a musical treatment by Suzy Arnowitz and others at Penguin books and it makes me so happy.


The most fun you can have with a Christmas croaker is Jim Cannon’s “Frumpy the Christmas Frog.” Excellent use of antique animation from his team.