Born Bells

Let the world know, Jay-by born! Twelve Twenty-five is the announcement of Christianity, some God in avatar walking around down here to see what is what.

Nearly as old as the Nativity, Edison Concert Band brings us (the wax cylinder of) “Ring Out the Bells.” The Holy Child arrives to what sounds like a Souza march for temperance.

Birth announcement! Fred Bogert sermonizes with declarative folk to cue you with “Christmas Bell.” Quite tinkly.

Starting with a doorbell Patch the Pirate leads the kids in churchsong: “Christmas Bell.” Angelically high-pitches that won’t last.

Travis Cottrell wants Emmanuel, himself, to “Ring the Bells” to get the story started. Country gospel, when done right like this is awful pretty.

A cappella gospel to some good old classical music, “Ring Christmas Bells” features Morning Star Quartet prettily waking us up to the Devine.

Brief gravelly folk from Lower Lights makes the “Christmas Bells” ringing for the Bethlehem manger morning a serious event.