Famous Unnoticed Catholic Kids (BLUE ALERT)

The F-word may have descended from the Dutch for ‘fidget,’ or a Scottish take on a Viking obscenity. It certainly did NOT derive from an acronym (Forced Unlawful Carnal Knowledge), but they’re so fun we will adapt that practice for our posting titles.

The power of the expression is its complete and utter taboo. It may have existed before the Middle Ages (when, according to my University of Oxford reference, swive was the nasty word for copulation) and was just too abhorrent to commit to print. But this is a new age, and fuck may be used as every part of speech in any context. It is a showstopper, an emphatic, a mood enhancer, a protest, hatespeech, and a rite of pasage. You name it… and Xmas songsters do.

All month we will whittle down the offerings of novelty Christmas music to feature a sensational recording or two (maybe reprising a past post if it bears a second hearing) for each day. So let’s stop talkin’ ’bout it and just do it.

Our first time we’ll take it slow. The bad words don’t really start until this song is largely over. But, please follow this TMI journey of depression and heartbreak as Matthew McPeck bemoans the loss of the one truly fun holiday in order to have a miserable celebration in “Fuck Christmas (I Wish It was Halloween),” an ’80s pop anthem so charming i’ll overlook the grammar.