Don We Now: Santa suit samore

Synecdoche is when a part of something stands for the whole thing. It’s simple idiom we don’t detect but use easily like ‘all hands on deck’ (meaning all sailors assemble on deck).

So the red suit is enough to signal the whole Santa is here thing.

Einstein’s Wardrobe add “The Man in the Red Velvet Suit” as just another detail to the whole scene. Not a mention of the Santa. Folk MOR.

Rod Stewart does his big jazz band diva thing for “Red Suited Superman.” You know who is cool.

Follow along with The Trail Band and their oompah country “Big Red Suit.” A childlike exploration of wonder seeing so many things but not knowing their meaning.

It may be still be mysterious to some (see yesterday) but The Ballroom Band is happy with the “Man in a Red Suit” celebrating the birth of Jesus, without knowing her personally. Give us a rockabilly smile.

When you see the red suit you think St. Nick, because “Santa Claus Wears a Red Suit.” It might look like Daddy, but–red suit! Jeff Gustafson wonders in this fizzy jazzy concoction.

Using the red suit as ammo to suck up, The Many-Splendored Things want Santa to know he looks “So Good in Your Red Suit.” Odd alt-pop insists they want nothing from that old guy. (Except 100,000$.)

Fetishizing the clothes, Merrill Leffmann admits “I Love a Man in Uniform.” Her jazz siren call drips all over the articles of attire, but seems to miss the man.

Don We Now: Santa suit

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of Xmas couture: the red suit. You know. You know.

Plank Road Publishing (i think) brings us “The Man in the Bright Red Suit,” hyperactive kidsong.

Centennial Elementary in WA state relays the cute kid parody of ‘Run Around Sue’: “The Jolly Man in a Big Red Suit.” Teen despair over heartache begone!

Takes a minute, but the Peter Pan Singers (here redubbed Peppermint Kandy Kids) noodle through their orchestral “The Man in the Red Suit.” You know who they mean (not a doctor… not a cowboy…).

Time for parody? The ’60s Invasion send up ‘Devil in a Blue Dress’ with “Santa in a Red Suit.” Good golly, Miss Frosty.

Who was that red-suited man? ask the shaken survivors. Tyler Bernhardt wonders about”A Man in a Red Suit” with funky jazz pop. Our only clue is that he came in through the fireplace.

You’re too young to know about the “Fat Man in a Red Suit,” according to Tesse with lovely psychedelic garage mood.

Skaramanga are much more mysterious with their “Man with the Red Suit.” He’ll solve your probs. But–who is he?! Carib-beat-pop.

Don We Now: Santa not hat

What if Big Red has no hat?

Kahuna Kidsong posits the delay of the day with “Santa’s Hat,” childish rock. Santa not only lost it, he loses it.

Ass in a Santa Claus Hat” reveals that a Santa hat may be missing from yo’ ass. Howie Loots fast raps the cure. You’re covered. BLUE ALERT

If you look around, you may see something untopped. TV’s Kyle suggests you “Put a Santa Hat on It” (yeah, like that Portlandia joke). This pop foolery will surely solve your problems. If not, you’re joiks. (Double duty: the second half of the video is a bonus “I’m a Snowman” song, with amusing credits.)

Don We Now: Santa hat

The most iconic clothing of the season belongs to Santa Claus superstar. More people recognize this gear than Ronald McDonald’s. So, let’s take it from the top.

Aussies play with “Santa’s Bobble Hat” the irreplaceable nonsense sound to help Mr. Gifts get into the Christmas mood. Folksy kidsong.

Are we suggesting there’s more than one kind o’ Santa hat? Listen to the rap-sync country from Isaac Stancill “Santa in a Cowboy Hat.” It’s Bobby McFerrin-tastic.

Pop rappin’ “Snapback Santa Hat,” Dave Days ‘Jingle Bells’ your party with roof-raising to the mat. But is it Santa’s hat anymore?

Not only Santa need wear this specialty item. If you don the “Santa Hat” you might get a little sumpin sumpin, as pop folked by NSPS (and Deni Bonet’s sizzling fiddle).

Don We Now: –sweaters?!?

How Best to render the terribleness of the item? Listen (or run!):

Yakking to the smell of “That Ugly Sweater” The Spoons revel in revulsion with chimey syn-co-pa-ted pop music.

From the same radio station contest, Alan Frew and Sam Reid parody the 1986 Bryan Adams led Glass Tiger hit ‘Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)’ with “Ugly Christmas (Sweater Song).” Poppy, peppy, mediocre.

Ugly and we know it! claim the “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” as related to Joke of All Trades. Lounge piano lite jazz presenting a shopping list of what clutters up your front.

Face Vocal Band just hates “The Ugly Christmas Sweater.” Country pop is cerainly the way to underline how bad this embarrassment is. (Doesn’t even match his eyes.)

Blues is more apropos. Ultra cool JD McPherson’s latest thing (His Holiday album Socks) wafts some Hawaiian guitar into a jazz fusion lament: “Ugly Sweater Blues.” Mama!

Let’s just say it: this is a punishment for naughty joes and jaes. Leonard Balistreri’s Mistletoe Conspiracy zips out a fine retro e-z listening rock “Ugly Sweater” with vim and vinegar too.

Don We Now: (sweaters) BLUE ALERT

Let’s get ugly.

Jeremy Turner uses psychedelic pop for his “Ugly Christmas Sweater.” The twisty weird music (with whoops) adds to the nausea.

Just plain bad singing accompanies a ‘Que Sera’ karaoke for Cameron J. Orr’s “My Ugly Christmas Sweater.” Deserved that one.

Pretty disappointing. “Christmas Sweaters Instead of an Xbox” from Lil Poverty Angels marries rap and techno to set the angry mood. Your move!

What use IS this thing? Bradly Allingham is gonna ‘get her’ with his “Ugly Christmas Sweater.” It might be the eggnog talking, but this tenor pop country is gonna land him in the drunk tank.

Sha Na Na is proud to say that their “Ugly Christmas Sweater” is their possession. Not their proud possession, just something they wear. Standard rock, limp sentiment.

BLUE ALERT. DashieXP gets to rappin’ “Chillin in My Christmas Sweater” but feels more like a meltdown, saved by the comfy warmth of that itchy shit.

BLUE ALERT. Big Slack do some odd sampling, mean rhyming, and cazzy dissin’ on the “Ugly Xmas Sweater Song.” This hiphop deejaying sounds like they don’t like it. Yet he would kill you for one more.

Don We Now: …sweaters…

Fate dealt you an Xmas cardigan… and it is ugh-lee.

Sam Wineman rocks his “Christmas Sweater“… he says. But his lugubrious folk rock seems to say something else (echh).

Surrendering to the crushing traditions, Party at the Moontower polka rocks out “I Need an Ugly Sweater.” Party requirements, folks!

That “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” is their reason for Phil and The Osophers to gather. It defies pop folk music rhyme!

Generation Empowered has an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” dance for you, while peddling their by-the-numbers pop electronica and hating what gramma made by hand. Ingrates.

I guess it’s the contrast, babe. Patrick Thomas gets country clever by praising her beauty in her “Ugly Christmas Sweater.” Her blinking lights are up here.

Don We Now: sweaters

It’s that fashion of year again–deal with it.

What is it? Classic Brown drops a classy garage number about just being with you. And “Christmas Sweaters.” Existentially. ‘Kay?

It’s white trash: Katie Wilson (&c) parody ‘Bang Bang’ by corrupting a winter formal with their “Ugly Christmas Sweater” infection. (We’ve seen this before, but it’s a good parody video.)

It’s a present. Okay. (As previous) First Atom papound out the altrock “I Bought You a Sweater.” Waiting for the thank you….

It’s a sign: Lil Poverty Angels BLUE ALERT notice “Eggnog on Her Christmas Sweater.” Techno improv nonsense that claws in and makes you listen.

It’s what’s on: “Christmas Sweater” by Karina Mia deals with flirty seasonal romance which happens to have a ‘cheesy’ piece of clothing involved. Pop folk.

It’s what’s on the list: Justin Warnick just ticks off the things to build a Christmas night. “Christmas Sweater” is there, ‘cuz December. Snappy slow folk, but almost affectless.

Don We Now: Sweaters

Christmas sweaters… there’s good, there’s bad. Discuss.

Classic folk often itemizes ad nauseum some overwrought business (lots of lyrics). So Kirmas Kookies get verbal with their old school “Lovely Christmas Sweater.” Left-handed complimenting.

Make it a contest! Deidre Flint (get this) gets ‘Rawhide” with the office rules and restrictions over who can wear what when. “The Christmas Sweater” is always closing.

Schoolkid musical number from Hal Leaonard Music “My Christmas Sweater” calls the thing ‘atrocious,’ but falls in love with it. Oh, yeah: Beauty and the Beast! Pop by way of classic RnR.

Also chorally juvenile, “Ugly Christmas Sweater” is so peppy fun that the epithet is a term of endearment. Thanks to Jill Gallina for making it okay for kids to name call.

One more childish back and forth: could that be Plank Road Publishing (Ed. note: how embarassing, it’s John Riggi (Music K-8)) for “Ugly Sweater“? It might be Puccini. Grand stuff.

A secret love affair for The Yule Lads’ “Christmas Sweater.” Motown jazz rock randomizes their psychedelic love affair with this wearable.


Sweaters aren’t so bad this time of year. Practical.

The Original Farquand Boys thank Mom for the “California Christmas Sweater“–it’ll keep ’em warm in this weather. It’s really really neat. Fine rock.

Pentatonix knows the value of a Christmas wraparound during “Sweater Weather.” A cappella hip hop about the holes in their sweaters. Lift your arms!

Kyle Stoneman asks that you “Put on Your Sweater for Christmas.” There’s no time that’s better. Garbled pop, but in a good way.

Sounding awful matter of fact Adrian Cohen accepts that “Eddie Vedder Christmas Sweater” are trademarks for my (in monotone) ‘favorite day of the year.’ Orchestrated pop that labels the item of clothing ‘ugly’ without acrimony. 5th stage of death and dying.

At first the joy of loving that “Ugly Christmas Sweater” can’t be beat. Tiffany Blom (and Thomsen friends), however, have nothing but grief from all that frivolity. (After three minutes of song, there’s an odd psychotic pschydelic killing spree.)

For some, Xmas is terrible. Except for the glorious ugly “Christmas Sweater.” AAA Girls are the queens to show you up.