Christmas Countdown: 223 BLUE ALERT

German whisper-rapper LoadTronic spins down the drug trail in “Christmas Cheesecake,” a reference to how his homies are stacked (??!). It ain’t a dream you just see me bubble ball out 223 Yeah I go up now. This number could be the ungodly time, or the Minneapolis municipal code against drug paraphernalia, or the number of pages in a Cheesecake Factory menu… dunno. But it’s lyrically street.

Christmas Countdown: 710 BLUE ALERT

More playful rap from isthatfr0st (ft. Ham Sandwich, 954mari, Ty Wild & more) about playing the game in “How the Camogod Scammed Christmas.” Among the fun’n’stuff someone Just switched lil timmy’s 3070 for a 710 which looks to be jacking some kid’s decent graphics card outta his video gaming computer system and leaving him with crap. ‘Tis the season.

Christmas Countdown: 7/11 BLUE ALERT

Hollywood Undead claim to have a tough ‘hood in “Christmas in Hollywood.” Some kid even steals from the 7/11. Also, booze, sex, adult oppression. Hanukkah shows up, too. Rapping white boys. Amiright?

Bob Rivers sneaks in a 7/11 ref in his overproduced ‘Oz’ parody “The Magical Kingdom of Claus.” It’s a sketch, but the number is noted in song, so let’s play. (This is historical, kids, so you’ll have to look up some of the cultural signifiers.)

Christmas Countdown: 7:54 BLUE ALERT

Apostle’s “143” is a mad love song, but as it seems unrequited, he’s driven mad. She’s to meet up with him for Xmas at 6 to 8, but at 9 he figures she’s got other things (men) to do. Had to look up the title, and the letter counts of I and LOVE and YOU is a shorthand thing to text now. But, did you know, there’s lots of other four-letter words?

Christmas Countdown: 880 BLUE ALERT

Aaron Walter flashes many numbers about in his spoken “No Bonus Checks This Year,” a holiday non-tradition to be sure. 100,000 seems to be the salary of the guy announcing your bupkis bonus, except for that 50% pay cut someone thinks he got. But you’re 30 working in this box o’ hell. I notices, however, that this is Circuit City store 880 (which Is sucking big time) (and prolly not there anymore). So, swearing.