Christmas Countdown: 19*

Well, the great Covid-19 Christmas song collection could fill its own blog. Stir crazy campers without enough to do overdo when it comes to talent. So let’s take a traipse down a short trail of offerings that mention that NINETEEN part (yes, in honor of 2019; but it’s its own thing, that number) for the holidays.

Strange man Rudy Ayoub gets cynically comic when “It is Covid-19 Christmas,” an upbeat browbeater of a pop jingle. Some of us liked being shut ins.

Rapping David King Jones is also gloomy in “The Covid19 Christmas Song.” It’s got me like–novelty music.

Roots of rock from Victor Copetti presents the earnest portrait “It’s a Covid Christmas.” Folk country strummin’; wistful more ‘n funny.

Dad rock brings the family friendly to “Covid Christmas.” Skoobie Snaks leans to lounge, but means well.

Strangely shaped Fathers blend in the punk with “The Christmas I could have Died.” Strangely still okay for kids.

An actual love song, “Christmas in Quarantine or: CO-HO-HOVID-19” slurs the alt lines with Daniel G. Harmann ยท Jasen Samford crooning from the heart. Baby, it’s Covid outside….