Final Ultimate Closing Kaputness (BLUE ALERT)

Whew, it’s a long month. Let’s shovel some more swearin’ treasures of Christmas songs into the posts post haste.

lil aaron over-modulates his boyband playfulness into an elctro “Fuck Christmas.” Pop breathlessness worthy of the Disney channel.

Harder rock from Mikey Galactic who wants his “Fuck Christmas” to include everyone. You too. Aw, i didn’t curse him anything.

Joe Goes may have watched too many Epic Rap Battles. “Merry F’ing Christmas – by Jesus and Santa” a hip hop comic duel wherein J-boi is the voice of reason, Kris the K a ragin’ colonic of a ‘coholic

The Fuck Off and Dies have a short pithy holiday metal greeting in song form “Merry Fucking Christmas.” They didn’t just sign it, they mean it.

Cutely off key The Jet Boys garage the roof with “Merry Christmas, Fuck You.” Everyone all together!