Christmas Countdown: 100♪

Not sure how a hundred translates musically, but these songsters hit it for Christmas.

You can hear the chimes, clangs, & whistles 100 miles when Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends kidsong “It’s Christmas Time.” Catchy, and not just in a cow-catcher way.

Apathy Demigodz is pretty pissed BLUE ALERT when he underlines McCartney for his rap defensive “Wonderful X-mas Time.” Scoop Deville gave me like a 100 beats for Christmas is the nicest thing he can rhyme. Not a parody as much as it is a diatribe.

Contrariwise Cha$e D’Amico raps for the family when he points out family and friends are better than 100 bands. “Merry Christmas to You All” is as lame as it sounds. If you wanna spread the joy then go and make a phone call! Ya YAAA!

Santa, I need the Lam with a 100 bands, man fool-raps Arthur Ray (feat. Uni-G) in the funny funky “Gift Rappin’.” It’s a carnival of crazy. Naughty, too, but not quite blue.