Christmas countdown: 364≠

It might be said that all the days (there hunnit and sistee-fo o’dem) betwixt one Christmas and the next are the days in which to Be Better. So you can live the spirit all the time. Or so you’ll get stuff. Every. Day.

Is it lazy rap, or just a guy reading out loud? Lil Jiblet asks Why don’t we just have that on a daily basis (meaning niceness) in “Christmas Jiblet.” Na-na-na-na along to find out the answer.

Joe Budden philosophizes: On thanksgiving my family would never visit And even when they did it always seemed so scripted Like they was forced to–Like small talk would resolve the 364 days they ain’t call you. Happy Holidays” treats all the special days of the year but also raps every day is special if you make it. (N-word ALERT)

I just walk around in a jolly haze all the other 364 days drawl-lisps Cody Johnson about “Christmas All Year Long.” Yee hawlidays.

Why stop at one, hey what for? When we can have 364? snaps Sabrina Carpenter with amped up country pop in “Christmas the Whole Year Round.” Gettin’ grabby, gurl.

Tell me, why do we wait 364 days? Unspoken quips with bouncy alt-pop. “Christmas Everyday” wants the blessing, though. A better intended question, at last. (covered by one by one.)