Christmas Countdown: 364∫

364 is not quite the count of days in a year. It is the count of day after to day before Christmas. It’s all the days in-between. Which is tougher when it’s for the one who turns your crank.

Sam DeMartino croons to the pop “364 Days (Lying Under the Christmas Tree).” She’ll come back home again then. ‘Cuz she’s the present lying under there. Objectifying there, man.

Title missed his bro for 364 days since he got her girls and stuff back then. Oh, i see, he’s Santa. Keeps rapping to himself to not “Fall Asleep!” otherwise he’ll miss out. Glad i didn’t miss it.

364 days went and passed me by Maya (feat. B. Nicole) laments about also missing Santa in the la-la-la ooh-oooh pop/rap “Bad Santa.”

Kally knows it’s been 364 days since you touched her lips. But, you are “Christmas Dinner“! Seriously, this sprightly pop smitten missive is heartfelt (burp).

Static Monsters get cute with the garage-pop “364 Days.” Next door crush is moved away by parents. He won’t let her go. So he’ll see her again… next Boxing Day! But wait… is that a twist at the end! Oh no!!