Christmas Countdown: 5 & 10

Ever since ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” mentioned looking into the Five and Ten (to shop, y’cheapskate), discount stores pop up in Xmas carols. Consider the punk version here (Thanks for making it nearly unrecognizable, The Wheelz). Or even “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Hanukkah.” BShep doesn’t mess much with the lyrics, though.

Bill Anderson dredges up the 1969 country hokum in “My Christmas List Gets Shorter Every Year.” See, in the good ol’ days most of the presents just came from the five and dime. Now, this broken family can’t get none. Spoken heartbreak.

While we’re talking money, Hoyt vanTanner recounts the Christmas at the Expose Cabaret in Monkeys Eyebrow where the stranded motorist spent “Christmas With Carol.” The Madame distributes to the strippers their Xmas bonus: Here’s gas stations finest five dollar scratch offs. Funny country.

Last Call Christmas” is also stuck in a bar. She’s out with someone else, see. Shelby Lee Lowe is laying out fives, drinking to for to get drunk. Juke joint country.

Elliott Yamin only wants everyone to have “A Very Merry Christmas.” Oh, And five cents every song we’d sing, oh. Not too greedy. Disco pop.

While shopping for your “Christmas Sweater” don’t forget to stop at at Starbucks: Wondering what color is on the new holiday cups; I hope you remembered to bring your red card–Save five percent and put more in the tipjar. The River’s Edge has your whole spending trip planned. Sweet blues pop sing-along.

S.T.R.O.U.P. apologizes in masterful rock’n’roll: Here is my gift I got for you (At the five and dime); please don’t kill me right now… So “Merry Christmas (Sorry I’m Late).”

Dirty Robots tell the story of living frugally with some dirty blues rock and a “5$ Christmas Tree.” Finn-tastic.

Christmas Countdown: 5 rings

Yes, the big ‘number’ in ’12 Days’ is the ring count. Such an odd jewelry insertion into a bird/servant mix. It got noticed and celebrated.

MaynEax wants to know “What U Want 4 Christmas” ‘cuz it’s prolly HER. See, she’s sporting Five golden rings, Got the bling, Got all the cha ching–Like what you see? She’s gonna rap like that.

Brian Lubucki is too interested in you to worry about setting the scene: Snow falls and the choir sings Bout love and the five gold rings. That should do it. Harmonic rap to make “It’s Christmas” NOT stand out from the billion other holiday songs.

Also listing, Toby Young mixes Five golden rings and the TV, so at least imma wondering wassup. Gradual garage makes “Here for Christmas” playable.

Taylor Swift questions the symbols: Would the song still survive without five golden rings?Christmas Must be Something More” is the soaring diva country pop you expect from the brand.

Chance the Rapper and Jeremih paint a more personal portrait: Bucket full of wings, Trying to give about five golden rings, Balling for the chills, Drinks on, get your smoke on. Rapping with vocal exercises mixed in give us a “Chi-Town Christmas.”

Starshine Singers butt in with the antic kidsong “Where’s the Ring?” As in: Five rings are not for buying. One’s missing so we’re crying. Count along!

Stock Kings use Five gold rings as a placeholder rhyme for Indio Palm Springs. Just one of the ragtime rocking places “Santa Don’t Always Bring Snow on Christmas Day.” Cha cha cha, indeed.

Maybe it’s just more present. FaZe Kay electronic filters his “A FaZe Christmas Song” wishlist with: New LV, hell yeah, Givenchy-venchy, oh yeah, Five gold rings, hell yeah, Lambo or the ‘Rari, yeah… Silly rap.

Girlfriend management can be much: She said who is Saint Nick? all she want is Saint Laurent: Four birds that are calling or 5 rings that are all golden-Imma make sure Santa brings you everything you want. Hrtbrkblake’s got it bad; raps all over himself in “Mistletoe.”

And Michael Ferrera offers I would buy five golden ring If it’s change your mind… But “This Christmas (I’m Singin’ on My Own),” so i guess this indie pop gambit benefits him not at all.

Mark Erelli excels with the blue grass aftermath twanger “Ain’t No Time of the Year to be Alone.” By himself he decides: I want yule logs, reindeer, egg nogg, good cheer, Five golden rings, Not Kris Kringle’s singles therapy. Coping are we?

Christmas Countdown: 5 hours, minutes

Five hours can be an inconvenience during the hurly burly of the holidays. Andrew Erlagen country whines about how more family will arrive; We’ll all hear from uncle bob and his three hour drive And how all because of traffic It was closer to five in “That’s How You Know It’s Christmas.” Pretty comfy song overall.

Time can get away from you. Macklemore raps And now we stringing the lights up… Five hours later, we stringing the lights up. “It’s Christmastime” is some kind of inside joke for this crazy-ass family. Get it?

Shark Uppercut is BACK with holiday side effects. “Five Past Turkey” is the electronic warning that this guy is second-slice-of-pie done. Heed, all.

Pleasant Grove is wondering where the hell are you? Wishing forFive Minutes of Snow…” But the snow will never come. Garage bummer.

Miss Freedia had a time when she “Smoked Out with Santa.” By the time the munchies hit: Imma take you to some food cuz I know its finger lickin’–We went to Man-Chu we got the 5 minute chicken. More parody foolishness than actual rap.

Big Easy is feeling it the next morning: Can I please sleep in for just 5 more–5 More minutes is really all I need To fill this sleepy heart with glee. Tiny Dancer offers to smack him, though. Country jounciness for “On This Beautiful Christmas Day.”

Christmas Countdown: 5 days/nights

The Puzzlers have a sad relationship with jobs: I come to this soulless office five days a week To earn a crust and get me through to the weekend so to speak. Big plan’s for the holiday office party, however, as they’ll knock out the boss. Grinding metal punk suits “Christmas in Puzzlerville” just dandy.

Aussie Greg Doolan gets animal-friendly with his unnecessary “The Five Days of Christmas.” For the completist.

Pandemic holiday songs may have their own sub-sub-genre, but “Christmas Bubble” is a light pop (rocking guitar solo!) bit of snark from Amie. Sing along with the refrain: Come be in my Christmas Bubble, Five whole days we’ll have no trouble; If we drink enough we might see double!

Suplex Machine worries that it’s 5 days to Christmas when it’s “Nearly Christmas With Jean.” Garage folderol that gets a joint jumpin’.

Cheesy pop from The Cheetah Girls will count it down: There’s 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 more days All around the world. “Five More Days ’til Christmas” delivers what it promises. Okay fine bye.

Also counting, J T Machinima industrial pops “Merry FNAF Christmas” from five days until… well, doomsday. Look out.

Velvet Mac is panicky because now it’s five days away from Christmas Day, and you’re out of the picture, and it’s hurting, and “Christmastime (Let It Go).” Weird electronic pop will help.

Using more than two hands Ian C A Buchanan warns, Don’t tell me I can’t celebrate cause Halloween is still 5 days away: The season never ends in my heart. “Never Too Soon to Celebrate (Christmas)” gets a little over-orchestrated, but the energy is infectious.

Christmas Countdown: 5 years, months, weeks

Even Blurry Videos prog rocks the terrible scene at the gravesite around the holidays: Today marks five years Since the accident on Mount Bliss. “On This Christmas Eve” is strangely upbeat in its journey to closure. Xmas spirit?

3LW has a problem: My man Came to the door, my gift in his hand; We been going out for four or five months… But, when gift is revealed they can only exclaim “Ahh Hell Nah” in their sweetest R+B rap.

Is five months long enough? Kyle Deutsch reveals on “You Told Santa“: We five months over now: I hear the sleigh bells ring it’s Christmas time again And I just can’t believe that you’re not here with me. R+B with a hopeful refrain.

Young Mister turns the tables on the kids when he admits Now it’s only the end of November, 5 weeks and counting until I get to let you open your presents and watch your heart as it fills about his young son. “Christmas, Come Early This Year” he wants with fine indie folk pop.

Wanting to be the “Elf” Katie Dwyer · Sunflower Summit · Jessie Max present an unconventional holiday gift-giving anticipation: I quite like my boyfriend; It’s only been five weeks–I dunno if he loves me, But I know he likes His face in my double D’s! Indie pop for when the kids aren’t around.

Christmas Countdown: 5 yo

Is five the best age for Christmas Day?? Valerie Warntz misses it: Now I can’t feel this Magical Mood like I am 5 years, she mourns in “Oh, Winter,” a sad, melodic indie about lost innocence–right when you need it.

Mentally I’m at a five But it helps that spirit’s high, chortles Carl Does Music for the industrial pop “Christmas Now.” This de-aging is like temporary insanity.

Cheesy show tune from Lea Michele admits that you may Find me on Broadway or at the ballet And I’m five years old again, Making my wish list, but all I wish is For another “Christmas in New York.” Calling the Hallmark Channel.

It’s the Same feeling since I was five, adds Tori Kelly with yodeling pop country childishness. “Kid Again on Christmas” is all the R+B feels, but white.

Was it all that, tho? In The Beach Boys’ “Santa’s Beard” the little bro stood in line and he shook like a leaf; He’s only five and a half goin’ on six. But then he exposes the Santa imposter! Big brother seems to suffer more trauma. Surf pop.

The disillusion hits hard at this time of like. Ice Nine Kills targets a five-year-old as victim in their frenetic metal “Merry Axe-Mas.” BLUE ALERT to create the vicious circle of vengeance.

BLUE ALERT Eazy-E admits: I used to believe in Saint Dick when Elvis was alive, But all the fucking bullshit got played when I was five. “Merry Muthafuckin’ Xmas” is a party rap with no inhibition.

Back when I was five Christmas was magical. But “Christmas Lights” trigger regret for Rauf Yusuf with swinging pop regrets over family loss. Growing up’s hard.

Helen Arney sings of David who When he was 5 years old, A snowman knocked him out cold. “Never Built a Snowman” seems to be the worst of his worries in this epic pop tragedy. What a story.

Miracles matter at this age. In “Christmas Cheer” HXLT hasn’t much for his five year old son, but the anthem rock reveals his brother is going card max out for the nephew. That’s a holiday ending. Take it.

Tremulo on cliches, five-year-old identity vs. role confusion, swirly pop music… “That’s What Christmas Really Means to Me,” according to Paul & Friends. ‘Nuff said.

A long dead five-year -old wrote “The Old Christmas Letter” found in an auctioned desk. Eagleman Band strum and plod their way through this tear-jerker with listless country.

…there’s a place, yeah, that I know Where you can fall in love like you’re five years old, says Matt Luneburg in the light pop mysticism of “Christmas Land.” Despite wars and strife, we have a refuge for our inner litt’lun. Good.

In “For Christmas Sake” by New Found Glory we get a better sense of the young: Eyes wide, it’s Christmas morning: Five years old, I’m hoping GI Joes; And Castle Grey Skull would make me the king of the block. They conclude, So I stay young Like the way it was… For Christmas sake. Well put. Light rock.

Christmas Countdown: 5 P.M.

Santa’s Out on My Lawn” is not a drunk-shaming diatribe. In fact Michael Ballantyne has some half-serious rockabilly about the lawn ornament he installed. At 5:00 he gets the juice; I flip the switch and he cuts loose. Now everyone will want one.

ZuCo sets a pretty Yuletide home scene: Toss a log into the fire, The house is getting cold, It’s five o’clock the sun is going down… “Waiting for Christmas” is a soothing light pop lullaby.

Current Swell, in the other home, does not want to spend “Christmas Alone.” Five o’clock, no more than, start in an hour, We’re are all locked inside By the tension growing Along with the beast. Uh oh. Not gonna get merry that way despite the gentle folk pop.

Dreamy lite pop from Beane worries, Mid December gets dark around 5; I hate being alone without the light. “Alone Another Holiday” leans into the cold wintry regrets of the romantically insecure. You might need a hug after this one.

Step Savage also notices It’s only 5 O’clock, already pitch dark, but his rap “Snowy Daze” chins up and faces the frozen world (with pork and sauerkraut, and light arms). No moping!

In the middle of the seasonally affected depressed is Luke Markinson, who brazenly interrupts “All I Want for Xmas” with a BLUE ALERT rap about hating the song, though–It’s cold outside, Dark at a quarter of five; Don’t worry bout me I’ll be fine. Not sure in am so much now.

Giving in to the dark, Faitful Johannes sings how “It’s OK to be Alone (This Christmas),” burning your tongue, listening to spiders… but Probably best to hold off the drink until five. Gentle indie sentiment.

Must be 5 o’clock somewhere slurs Mark Erelli needing excuses to deal with “Not Quite Christmaswithout you here. Piano lounge pop, of course.

Needing more, Keith Varney belts out Just Get Me to Drunk in his hanging-by-a-thread country pop “Christmas Spirits.” It may be morning at home, But in the town of Bethlehem It’s five o’clock in the manger… is all the excuse he needs. Salut!

Finally upbeat are the homeless celebrating Christmas in Paradise” under the Cow Key Bridge. They look forward to Christmas dinner at 5 o’clock over at the Church of Life. Mary Gauthier keeps it quiet despite the steel drum and hollering y’alls.

Christmas Countdown: 5 A.M.

5 o’clock! A.M. or P.M.? It makes a lot of difference around Christmas. Michael Bethel coos sweetly in “Harmattan Christmas” despite the travel plans: Our bags are packed We were up by five. A sleepy, yet hopeful rendition.

Randy Newman’s “Christmas in Cape Town” is an argument against Apartheid more than a seasonal salute. But in his bluesy rock he tells his girl, You know my little brother, babe, Well, he works out at the diamond mine; I drove him out there at five this mornin’ past the Blacks who were hoping for work but get none. Will the spirit survive?

The kids (well, Andy & The Odd Socks) have another POV: It’s 5am and Dad’s still snoring (Come on, wake up!) Let’s get out of bed. “We’re All Together (At Christmas Time” is hyperactive kid song that sings.

Or the significant other under an Xmas fever? You pulled me out of bed at
Five am Telling me it’s snowing On Christmas
begins The Limbo Motel’s “Christmas Morning.” I totally get that.

What makes the ultimate “Christmas Girl“? She Get’s in line by 5 AM a week before the sales begin, according to the retro pop of The Easy Button. Bopping fun.

Then there’s the perpetual boyfriend: Santa gon’ be leaving at 5 a.m.; Baby, I can pull up, it don’t matter what time it is. Rap from Why Don’t We offers it all to be “With You This Christmas.”

Despite announcing It’s five in the morning, the kids are awake–It’s Christmas for heaven’s sake! Amy Grant’s “Christmas for You and Me” is low, slow country twaddle. Try to stay awake.

Mooseknuckle definitely thinks this is too early: Christmas morning 5 am, Wanna go to bed again… “Mooseknuckle Christmas” is about being without–happiness, joy, booze. This isn’t da blooz, but it rocks that way.

Christmas Countdown: 6 okay

White Lucy is fighting to stay in the cheer zone. I can’t feel right Give you my time… Gave it all to my worst friends Who ruin “Xmas on the Westside” Like progressives on the left side: 3 drinks in. 6 shots deep. The rap roils.

Sharks’ Teeth is here to synthesize my realties: Brain is the source of self And Mars is the source of power; I long, Long to exalt you now–You six dimensional, Six minerals. “The Christmas on Christmas” is psychedelic light rock to expand your eyes.

Millennials get confused easily: “How many times can we put the lights on the tree? Watching Gremlins when it’s 6 degrees” Lovers Turn to Monsters want to know in their gentle garage wandering “It’s Weird to Think There’ll Always be a Christmas Probably.” Have some fun, guys.

Cold enough? Does that “Snowflake” have Six sides stab through me like ice picks? Wew Lads Tbh have the experimental pop music answers for you. Holy metaphorical breakup, Santa!

Meghan Trainor counts on her “Naughty List” to pop about how unfair it is. But it just goes to And six, I’m so tired of this That’s my Christmas list. Playful dance nonsense.

Deepa Sashadri also limits her list of “Resolutions” to 6 [Gonna work harder and save up some money]. Bouncy pop for not taking it all too seriously. So there.

Preaching to the Floridians, BKj-52 & Spechouse rap “Best Time of the Year” to the unaware [But you in the snow with ya six kids Smashin’ through the road in ya town or ya district (Uh)] to get into the spirit. Uplifting.

Not trying to one-up on the baby savior, but does “Gold, Frankicense, and Myrrth” compare with jewelry, instruments, and Anna’s best was cute A six-foot ted, called Ted. The Mistletoe Tappers jazz up ukulele folk with carnival music, hyper pop, and silent movie chase music.

Christmas Countdown: 6 mad

Robert Boog has a less-than-impressive rap woe, that is born on Christmas Day. As an “Xmas Baby” no one celebrates him much, in fact it’s looking dismal: So I jog six blocks to my apartment Landlord lookin’ at me like he want the rent, Yank open the door and what a surprise–they’re all there to sing Happy Birthday! Yea!

Die Roten Rosen reggae juice up “Jingle Bells” just a BLUE ALERT bit, adding how I’m looking for a girl, I think you know the kind, The kind that makes you come six times by the end of your sleigh ride. Another Christmas miracle!

In the same rut, xKja slyly raps “All I Really Want,” which he feels he deserves since Been practicing these moves to use on you In different ways Put you in 6 positions baby… and BLUE ALERT.

The “Reason for the Season” is DCTalk’s reason to rap: The first six letters drop the why’s–Yo! c-h-r to the i-s-t. Old school (old schoolhouse rocks?) rap seems so juvenile these days. Learn!

Shy Boyz get BLUE ALERT righteous in “Master of Christmas.” See, that Santa/Jesus confusion is for the fools. He’s coming home swinging low In his chariot, six-winged seraphim karaoke Holy! Holy! Holy! they rap ironically. Wild words in this one, fellas.