Breaking the Ice.23

Little Baby Bum and Friends narrates how “Ice Skating” is such good fun. Kidsong pontification.

Muddying the waters, Eric Evans raps out the problems he’s got with you “Ice Skating.” Get it off the rink, son.

Sherwin Sleeves and Roy Harter grate out the horror, the horror of skating down the stream in the genre-smashing “The Christmas Skater.” Is it a train? A bad breakup? The encroaching darkness that will swallow us all?

Breaking the Ice.21

The trees sway, the lights shine, the people skate… oh, yeah, and “Bells are Ringing.” Above average pop from Bella Nicole to get you in the holiday spirit.

Peachy Keen has music for your dance moves. Do the reindeer! Do the elves in the workshop! Do the ice skate! Hard pop for “Christmas is Coming.” Nearly gospel.

Do a slow one now! Kristof X Tóth Réka practice their English with “Dancing Snowflakes.” In this off kilter pop THEY are the snowflakes, on skates, on the rink. In love (i think). Aww.

Breaking the Ice.19

CJ Soul (feat. Jasmyne the Flower) takes reality in stride when Xmas has “Cali Vibes.” There’s nothing like the snow machines at Disney; Hope the Queen Mary ice skating rink ain’t too busy, Cause we bouta get our skate on. Travelogue rap.

Brett Eldredge’s “Mr. Christmas” is NOT Santa Claus, but he seems to be your sugar daddy. ‘Cuz he’s in big band love with you (you’re skatin’ circles round his heart), and he wants to make your spirit bright. This sizzles.

Distance creates its own reality. When Maye is far away, she wants to “See You This Christmas.” With powerful diva pop (excellent pipes) she wants to go ice skating even though you are awful at it. Bring a camera!

Breaking the Ice.14

Chelsey Coy has been thinking about you, like that figure eight you skated together. But that’s because YOU’RE NOT HERE. So, with a significant back beat she’ll “Send My Love” to you this Christmas. Popping pop.

Gk 243 (Jocline Francis · Prodbyninez) offers to take a trip to the docks for the emirate cable cars; or instead let′s take pics by the Christmas lightings; Ice skating is a part of the plan. The accented rap of “Winter Season” seems to include private place in-jokes. But it’s cool.

Danielle Doucette lists odder assortments for when “It’s Christmas.” Work bonuses and raises make the list with ice skating this time. And the enthusiastically untrained singing and uncertain melody makes my list. Listen.

Breaking the Ice.13

Mylen overlays a little doo wop onto jazzy pop for a poignant reminiscence “Kid on Christmas Morning.” Charming.

Vina Verde whisper-raps “My Christmas Present is You” so quickly it’s as if she’s trying to get home early. Some fun if tired activities are noted.

A promise was made by skating at night, so “Don’t Give Your Heart Away for Christmas” ya loose dater. Alexander Stewart milks the pop with whiny emo boy precision. I won’t, Al!

Breaking the Ice.10

Roy Thomas Carter uses “Skating” as a term of not-quite-connecting in the relationship. But the awesome blues here requires a listen. Damn.

Sosilly Edit’s “Men Skating with Other Men” may have little to do with winter time fun–and is largely lyric-less, but this DJing disco also needs a slot. Weee.

Ms. Claus” will be skating on her own, thanks to her waking up to the wanderings of that man. Dance pop with an edge from Smokelines.

Breaking the Ice.5

Governor has a dolorous comparison for you in the slow-folk “Ice Skates.” When you walk on the (frozen) water it’s like this other guy, see?

If I could skate, sings Carla Hartsfield in “Almost Christmas.” But then she gets into wings and angels and love. That’s appropriate for this gorgeous piano jazz/pop experience i hearby repeat.

Updating the whole hippo ask, Winterbrook wants a “Polar Bear for Christmas.” Offers skating. But also dancing, champagne, and cake. Don’t make it weird. Symphonic pop.

Breaking the Ice.2

Cha$e D’Amico raps “Ice Skating” almost as an apology. Claims to like it, but i call fish out of ice water.

Jethro Tull makes “Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day” a metaphor for endtimes. Like he does. Prog pop.

Patti Page sings “I Wanna Go Skating with Willie” with all the sassy panache of a thirsty teen. That flying and gliding stuff is a gateway sport to canoodling, I bet you.

Sled It Snow.6

Sledding Madness” from Connors Music seems like children playing club music. Works for me!

Sledding Song” also smells of kidsong, but the loss of one of the kids to a winter wolf changes the tone. The Light may have translated this from Russian, so i can understand the mixture better. Loved it.

“‘Cause It’s Christmas” completes the trio of faux wee one pop music. The rat-a-tat musical approach appeals to the tots, the world-weariness appears to the ‘rents. Sameer Whittle throws in some sledding, then some malaise. Yikes.

Sled It Snow.5

Disphonic pop from child gone amuck Gladys Rock reveals that “Going Sledding with You” hurts the ears.

Jonathan Mann laundry lists the troubles of “Sledding” but this alt rock bit o’ funny business brings boots, Gary, faster and faster all together. What a ride.

Holiday garage rockabilly from New Couch Party calls for a “Merry Mitchmas.” This seems to involve drinking, especially for sledding. I’m there!

The Nontraditionals give us a percussive pop tutorial about “Sledding” with a squeezed mouse solo. You could learn a thing or two.