Christmas Countdown: 4:00 BLUE ALERT

Is 4 in the morning late or early? Zac Schultze Gang notices Just when I am thinking That the night is at an end, I end up in Coyotes and I’m there till 4AM in “A Medway Christmas.” That’s one of those ancient type locales in eastern England; so pop Brit rock.

Four o’clock, and I’m still up is also a problem for the poet-troubadour Cyrus Dali Vesuvala on his electric softt pop “Christmas Morning.”

Lil Kuzi recalls his Christmas List finally done I was up til four, when he heard a sound… But, BLUE ALERT it wasn’t nothing but his over imaginative conscience. “Saint Nick” lands like rap existentialism.

King Virtue couldn’t wait, so like most kids he’s up by 4 A.M. in “Christmas is My Favorite Holiday.” Fun rock with lots of pop music tinseled over it.

The Veras rock the family get-together, though Grandad‘ll be sound asleep by ten to four. “Have a Merry Christmas Time” is still a party and a half.

Destinee Maree is all about the home for the holidays. [Dinners at 4 and you better not be late.] She even swaps out boots, coats and rings off the gift list for the most precious things Love, life, family. “Everything” is lulling R+B sweetness.

Cainn9ne (feat. Trey K) raps the at-home life as well, but Granny out here baking cookies: We ate em after four–so there are house rules. “It’s That Time” may have multiple meanings.

The Revelator calls Joy over and over [Joy to the sunset at 4pm sharp], but it’s all ironic bleakness. “Joy to the Breakup (All I Want Christmas Is for You to Feel Bad)” is bitter pop from a dead place inside. Cool.

Silver Mouth notes the sun setting at a quarter past four, so maybe this siren pop is more southernly. Regardless “Hold On.”

Back to Christmas morning. The Stew Boys are begging BLUE ALERT! for Christmas off, but instead they’re up at 4 A.M. to “Make the Stew.” Hope you’re happy. The plodding pop makes me quite so.

Christmas Countdown: 5 years, months, weeks

Even Blurry Videos prog rocks the terrible scene at the gravesite around the holidays: Today marks five years Since the accident on Mount Bliss. “On This Christmas Eve” is strangely upbeat in its journey to closure. Xmas spirit?

3LW has a problem: My man Came to the door, my gift in his hand; We been going out for four or five months… But, when gift is revealed they can only exclaim “Ahh Hell Nah” in their sweetest R+B rap.

Is five months long enough? Kyle Deutsch reveals on “You Told Santa“: We five months over now: I hear the sleigh bells ring it’s Christmas time again And I just can’t believe that you’re not here with me. R+B with a hopeful refrain.

Young Mister turns the tables on the kids when he admits Now it’s only the end of November, 5 weeks and counting until I get to let you open your presents and watch your heart as it fills about his young son. “Christmas, Come Early This Year” he wants with fine indie folk pop.

Wanting to be the “Elf” Katie Dwyer · Sunflower Summit · Jessie Max present an unconventional holiday gift-giving anticipation: I quite like my boyfriend; It’s only been five weeks–I dunno if he loves me, But I know he likes His face in my double D’s! Indie pop for when the kids aren’t around.

Christmas Countdown: 5 yo

Is five the best age for Christmas Day?? Valerie Warntz misses it: Now I can’t feel this Magical Mood like I am 5 years, she mourns in “Oh, Winter,” a sad, melodic indie about lost innocence–right when you need it.

Mentally I’m at a five But it helps that spirit’s high, chortles Carl Does Music for the industrial pop “Christmas Now.” This de-aging is like temporary insanity.

Cheesy show tune from Lea Michele admits that you may Find me on Broadway or at the ballet And I’m five years old again, Making my wish list, but all I wish is For another “Christmas in New York.” Calling the Hallmark Channel.

It’s the Same feeling since I was five, adds Tori Kelly with yodeling pop country childishness. “Kid Again on Christmas” is all the R+B feels, but white.

Was it all that, tho? In The Beach Boys’ “Santa’s Beard” the little bro stood in line and he shook like a leaf; He’s only five and a half goin’ on six. But then he exposes the Santa imposter! Big brother seems to suffer more trauma. Surf pop.

The disillusion hits hard at this time of like. Ice Nine Kills targets a five-year-old as victim in their frenetic metal “Merry Axe-Mas.” BLUE ALERT to create the vicious circle of vengeance.

BLUE ALERT Eazy-E admits: I used to believe in Saint Dick when Elvis was alive, But all the fucking bullshit got played when I was five. “Merry Muthafuckin’ Xmas” is a party rap with no inhibition.

Back when I was five Christmas was magical. But “Christmas Lights” trigger regret for Rauf Yusuf with swinging pop regrets over family loss. Growing up’s hard.

Helen Arney sings of David who When he was 5 years old, A snowman knocked him out cold. “Never Built a Snowman” seems to be the worst of his worries in this epic pop tragedy. What a story.

Miracles matter at this age. In “Christmas Cheer” HXLT hasn’t much for his five year old son, but the anthem rock reveals his brother is going card max out for the nephew. That’s a holiday ending. Take it.

Tremulo on cliches, five-year-old identity vs. role confusion, swirly pop music… “That’s What Christmas Really Means to Me,” according to Paul & Friends. ‘Nuff said.

A long dead five-year -old wrote “The Old Christmas Letter” found in an auctioned desk. Eagleman Band strum and plod their way through this tear-jerker with listless country.

…there’s a place, yeah, that I know Where you can fall in love like you’re five years old, says Matt Luneburg in the light pop mysticism of “Christmas Land.” Despite wars and strife, we have a refuge for our inner litt’lun. Good.

In “For Christmas Sake” by New Found Glory we get a better sense of the young: Eyes wide, it’s Christmas morning: Five years old, I’m hoping GI Joes; And Castle Grey Skull would make me the king of the block. They conclude, So I stay young Like the way it was… For Christmas sake. Well put. Light rock.

Christmas Countdown: 6 feet deep (special snow edition)

Hard rock to express hard BLUE ALERT feelings: It breaks my heart to know that you don’t miss us; I’m buried under six feet of fucking snow. Derek Christiansen uses edible metaphors like “Egg Nog” to register his disgusted disappointment. Hardcore.

6Ft Winter” by LEADR, Wundr., Alexander Tang is a terrifying prospect: 6ft winter… Santa’s not around… I know the sun will shine again. Gentle pop, just to add to the edginess.

Leaning towards a vacation, Ben Danaher (feat. Ashley Ray) But I can’t leave with 6 feet of snow on the ground. He soon realizes it’s “Just Like Christmas” to kick you when you’re down. Cowboy country.

Oblique poetry from Hishandsrmilk paints a sorry portrait for “Have Christmas Without Me.” Now I’m in the intersection Waiting for this car to book it Straight into me and put me 6 feet deep (Uh)–Bury me in the sleet as the baby went to sleep (Jesus). So, not into her, hmm?

Figurative about the snowfall, LYGA suffers rejection “Under the Snow.” I’ll stand outside ignoring the cold Shivering in memory Til I’m six feet under in snow. Pop doldrums.

A strange metal attitude fills Albert Fishing Trip’s macabre sprightly folk pop “Blanket of Snow.” All the world is filled with glee But oh no, no, not me Because grandma is dead now And grandpa is six feet under Covered in a blanket of snow…. Just a little mortal perspective for the holidays. And holy shit.

Christmas Countdown: 6 feet apart

Social distancing during the pandemic Xmases of 2020 (and even 2021) resulted in a loss of spirit, as heard in “I Miss You” by Crz N Go Sounds. Funky rap that points out: I can’t help but complain about this, Six feet apart It’s way too far

Lonely Christmas” can result from This time My imaginary art Is to hold you in my arms, But we’re still six feet apart. Milan Tausch slows the role to pop tragedian. (Hint: bring a translator.)

Louie Volta has a warning for Santa this “COVID Christmas“: So save your sleigh for another day And stay six feet away. Swinging lounge easy listening. But a downer.

Creature Comfort also recommends Santa comes when I’m asleep Six feet from me he shall keep. But in this “Christmas in Quarantine” he’s got a bubble (I’ve got you Under the mistletoe). Blues rock, but well planned.

Sarah Larkin, on the other hand, relates her family’s dysfunctions, so “I’ll be in Quarantine for Christmas” is not so bad, And I’ll enjoy Christmas beyond a 6 foot distance. Sassy Dixieland ukulele fun.

Jacob Restituto makes the best of it with electronic bopping in “Christmas in Quarantine.” I’m giving love without reason ‘Cause you know it’s the Season Six feet, but I still feel close to you. So much silver lining, i can’t see the grey clouds at all.

Making a statement, Pauli’s “Covid Christmas” pop sirens out better angels like: Unless it’s essential I’ll just put my mask on–Six feet apart showin’ kindness it ain’t that hard to do; Love’s in the air but you know Covid is too. She’s enlightened, and you can be, too. (Used to think Corona was just a beer.)

Taking a stand, The Liggetts claim nothing can’t stop the Nativity! in “Christmas in Quarantine.” Can we sing our neighbors carols; Leave some treats at their door If we promise to keep it Six feet or more? Electronic pop/rock for the whole family.

Taking minds off it, “What shall We Crochet on Christmas Day? (You can Knit Take Our Christmas Away)” by Declan McKenna smoothly folk improvises, while still keeping six feet from others.

Amateur ‘Holly Jolly’ parody “Covid Christmas” from Lossed Soul gets scary: Don′t forget your mask ya know and you better keep 6 feet–Oh, no its COVID tho in everyone you see Somebodys close to you then you’re six feet deep. Laughing? Crying? Bored?

More a freestyle scat than a rap, “Merry Christmas in the Land of the Free” by ‘James Watson, Sr.’ proclaims: Men and women are still standing under the mistletoe Blowing kisses six feet away and Wishing for the throwback days Of juliet and Romeo. Let’s see–Nose shining brightly and pumpkin spice coffee are mixed with still under the British colony and the virus took away many… Super weird.

Jazz lounge sexiness from Leslie Elaine in “Social Distance Christmas.” And when Santa comes on his sleigh (Hey!) He better stay six feet away! actually empowering.

Don’t mope, get sarcastic! Wrap your stocking around your face Stay six feet from the fireplace, begins the BLUE ALERT “Covid Christmas” from Montague. Pangolin roast? Ha!

Also a bit pissy, Abbey Scott sings “Quarantine Christmas” like a pop diva. Hanging up my stockings 6 feet a part and Setting all my presents 6 feet a part. Toilet paper for my Xmas list!

Upbeat pop and fun imagery lift up Emily Seibert’s “Quarantine Christmas.” Fight over a turkey with a six-foot pole Lose, go home and eat the cookie dough roll! Now i’m nostalgic for house arrest!

Christmas Countdown: 6 weeks/days/hours

Libby Hammer addresses that confusing Australian “Christmas in the Summertime” with kidsong frenzy. I’m gonna spend six weeks In the swimming pool, she brags (but recommends sun screen).

Ariana Grande counts the days with her boo in “True Love.” After six days in your arms I got that tattoo on my heart. Singing about love in pop music means never having to say you’re sorry.

Kristin Wilson is sorry she fell in love–with a guy who left! Her “Christmas Wish” is to control time: I know New Years’ Eve is just six days away but I don’t want to start a new year feeling This way. Woo woo extra-slow pop,

Latitude matters: It doesn’t help the sun for six damn days it disappears And on the seventh day it drags us kickin’ into a New Year, declares “S.A.D. Xmas” according to Kevin Hansen with superior indie sentimentality.

Never too late to wish: Six days till Christmas And I don’t know what I need; I just know that when it gets here I want you there with me. Sultry R+B from Liz Elias in the form of “Six Days Till Christmas.” Loving.

Frida Hyvönen misses something else around the holidays. Six hours back across the ocean is something called “N.Y.” Her fortissimo lounge pop makes clear her Christmas wish. Let her have it. She’s good.

Christmas Countdown: 7 weeks/months/years BLUE ALERT

After Halloween “Suddenly it’s ChristmasSeven weeks before the day. Loudon Wainwright III morosely serenades with uke folk about the longest holiday. Ha!

American Mammoth Jackstock wishes “Merry Christmas Lonelies” with calm, unplugged rock and acid-washed psychedelic lyrics: on a thursday, seven months, now: you exploded; didn’t know how. Search me.

Shocked to be alone on Christmas Eve, Getaway Car rocks out Seven months ago
We were all right, I believed it
. But this is an “All Time Low.” Stop believin’.

Trying to get back into the season, Rakz Radiant reveals It’s been 7 years since I got into this scene. But the rap “Get Sleighed” is too cool to ever get jolly.

Brutalligators has spent almost seven holidays Eleven thousand miles away from you–on the other side of the equator! So then “Christmas in July” for him would be the right kind of weather for you. Gentle rock serenading sells it.

Regrets galore [I miss everyone i’ve ever met but a few of you more sharply] from Ember Knight about a certain someone taken for granted. There was trouble And i didn’t snitch for 7 years and then it was too late. But in her “Christmas Song” she still asks if you’ll remember her on the holidays. Grand piano pop.

Ella Ion plays that game in reverse, calling out someone in her driving pop “Christmas” song–You’ve wasted seven years now. But she wants you know she’ll be there for you.

Every Christmas morning for the last seven years Queen Elizabitch III has been eyeballing the mantle and suffering “Stocking Envy” over her sister’s loot. BLUE ALERT, but it’s sibling rivalry so it’s understandable. Catty pop.

Christmas Countdown: 7:00

Leo Yang does a piano bar whisper about being a child and kinda overdoing the Christmas morning with stockings in the bed, getting up at 7 to attack the boxes, and such. But “The Most Heavenly Christmas Gift” is some angelic house call. Dreamy. But scary.

It was 7 in the morning; I checked if he was snoring, claims Benjamin Rinartz  (feat. Sai Crutchfield, Konner Remlinger & Tyler Wilson) after the garage rock reveal “Santa Ate My Brownie.” BLUE ALERT reactions ensue.

EXP recalls getting up at 5AM as a child, now UK-rapping during this decade, “Christmas at the 20 Summat,” he doesn’t want to get up with the nieces at 7AM… So I’m getting up to 7 presents, then I’m getting drunk–will be all that’ll happen. Why rush it?

Christmas Morning” is the morning after for Fralphie Jenkins. BLUE ALERT though, ‘cuz he’s not a happy hangover kinda guy; despite saying: It’s 7 am, the Ubers outside, You guys take off, I’ll be alright. There’s trash, it’s a mess, he’s sodden… merry yeah.

Newland has naughty plans for his bae when he’ll be “Home for the Holidays.” I’ll pull up at the crib around seven, he raps expectantly. Be ready.

It’s seven o’ clock and I’m on my way Eating the miles down this highway croons Brian McKnight in the schlocky country tune “Christmas You and Me.” But then it’s eleven o’clock… and he’s not there yet. Don’t wait up, kids.

Admitting she’s late Cece Williams swans: Flight arrivals are a bit delayed; Party’s at 7 and  I’m gonna late, Still a few more gifts to buy. Funky pop for “It’s Christmas” creates a somber yet elegant mood.

Christmas Countdown: 8 long

Wild slide guitar takes “Cowgirl Mermaid Christmas” all over the range. It’s been eight long months of quarantine. So get ready for a ho ho hoe down. Yule haw.

Also marking time, Mirabelle Meek notes It’s been eight and a half months; It snowed when we fell in love, Now the crisp air’s back and it smells like you. “Yours This Christmas” is light pop that wafts above ordinary concerns to reach the heights of love.

Pulling a 180, Ants on a Log (feat. Billy Jonas) pop announce “I’m Not a Christmas Celebrator.” Instead of the 25th, they watch for dates like January 8th, National Bubble Bath Day. Plenty more holidays come up; you should join. in.

Christmas Countdown: 8 days and nights

We’ve listed/listened to quite a few Hanukkah novelties already. Do the overlooked ones characterize the number eight?! Jew bet! Jack Forman has an eight day mascot, the “Hanukktopus.” This kidsong of elevated molluscan irony is wonderful in sooo many ways. Well, okay, in eight ways.

Alt folk rock from Clean Plate Libretto delivers unto us the light holiday celebration “Best Time of the Year,” but–before you know it–Bright menorah, Eight days and nights, Burning candle lights, Awkward family fights. What holiday is this about? Black Friday? But it’s so pretty.

Caitlin Cook gets jazz lounge while comparing Chanukah and Christmas [Christmas lights?–We have some kickass candles that burn for eight straight nights] in “Let’s Celebrate Christmas.” It’s all for fun. And it IS fun.

Yael Karoly is more cheesy pop (and desperate) wanting you to be her Hanukkah gift this year: And no I can’t give you 12 days of Christmas but baby
I’ll give you 8 rockin’ nights
. “Very Merry Jewish Christmas” is more diplomatic than dishy, more crafted than crafty. Nice vocals.

Pitch perfect parody from Jake Novak, “The Jewish Christmas Song” takes ‘The Christmas Song’ and translates it note for note (Tiny tots giving dreidels a toss
Will find it hard to sleep for eight long nights

Holiday (No Joy)” is the pessimistic approach to the awful winter days. No happy Hanukkah, 8 days, 8 nights, No Kwanzaa, nor Christmas tonight, mourn SPAZZ & The UnDead with willful pop music. Sorry!

Also blasé, Austin Weber rocks (in the manner of Dylan) “December Wherever You Are.” Well I don’t get the advent calendar And eight straight nights is just crazy, But I’ve learned to not ask questions ’cause That’s December baby. Did you get that?

The saccharine chaser comes from Josh Gad’s Olaf the snowman, who wants to know how everyone in a non-denominational Disney fantasy celebrates “That Time of Year.” (One response: Eight nights in a row we light menorahs on our mantels.) Bombastic show tune.

Less sweet, Ana Gasteyer belts out “In the Market for a Miracle” from ‘A Christmas Story, The Musical.’ (See, Ralphie is checking other holiday gifters to get his most wanted gift; the response begins, Livin’ it up for eight crazy nights, Boychik you wanna stick with me! But ends with You’ll shoot your eye out! Oy vey.)

Paul Toshner is “Coming Home” for Christmas, and yet: We light our lamps just 8 days, But ones enough Coming home for Christmas. Banging piano bar folk.

More awkwardly, Queen Elizabitch III (feat. MayTwentyTwo & Menorah Jones) altos the sweet pop ditty “Hanukkah in the City.” Eight nights of LEDs, kids get exploited singing songs of Maccabees. Still, it’s a love song.

BLUE ALERT!!! Dawgs on Campus rap about Hitler and pussy, but the big celebration is when “It’s Hanukkah in Cowtown“–Spin that fucking dreidel round 8 Whole nights, it’s goin’ down (wait, wait–apologies are included).

The pandemic resulted in new traditions, like: My best friend sits down at her table; We hit play at the same time To watch “Eight Crazy Nights, ” Like we did when we were kids. Kate Yeager’s “Holidays for One” is bittersweet R+B pop.

Sorry to say, Destiny’s Child cribs from ’12 Days’ for “8 Days of Christmas.” Among the R+B winning gifts they get are a back rub, a gift cert, and a poem. Guess there’s a Mercedes in there somewhere, too.

Joe Furey & Alex Quahurt lend rap some FM elegance in “I Wanna Do Christmas with You (Again).” Not without pain, however, as Dad’s absent–or is he Santa… but poor Santa: When you’re Santa Clause You’re forced to divorce from what was before For the Northern Pole, where the Christmas trolls Control my need to lead on all things Christmassy All hours a day eight days a week.

Quark Lepton is sad when it’s “Christmas in Space.” That’s ‘cuz you left him! That’s extra lonely. Since this maudlin pop is coated in country, he doesn’t take this dry: I got drunk the first eight days of Christmas With Unit Seven…. (Good stuff.)