Christmas Countdown: 12 hours

Christmas numerology twirls around 12 months, 12 days, and now 12 hours. What’s with this expression?

From the ‘Toyland’ musical Hanna Bielawa BLUE ALERT reveals the tears of an elf in the mad rapping showtune “Merry Christmas for Today.” Notice the elf! Not for twelve hours, but here to play.

Little Jackie applies R+B to the equation when she figures “Mrs. Claus got nothin’ on me: I can do 12 days of Christmas in 12 hours. Superhero music!

ZILF is another pissed elf. Clocking in hasn’t been more than twelve or so, Hours since I last clocked out into the freezing snow and there’s still so much to get done. Metal meets pop in “Red Snow,” a tale of having had enough. (Eliminate the fat red fool!)

Christmas Countdown: 45 BLUE ALERT

.45 caliber weaponry is part of THUG LIFE for the rap-set. “Slay” is the purveyance of Sky Janga and King Redd. There’s sex, cancer, ice cold feelings, but no cake. Keep the gun in the console: 45 with the red nose.

More garage than rap, white-guy Kipp EZ wants his Colt 45 poolside in “California Christmas.” Wait, that’s a malt beverage.

Hey Santa Claus here’s a present from me All seven rounds of .45 ACP throat shreds Billy Creepshow for “Ho-Ho-Homicide.” This time, it’s poison metal.

Christmas Countdown: 50$

A President Grant seems to be the respectful gift limit for Xmas. More is trying too hard (or covering something up), less is bargaining.

BLUE ALERT Frostbyt3 (feat. Josh Coleman) raps about the frustrations of shopping as well. in “Wishlist” he laments Walmart or Target, I got fifty bucks And the line is so long that I know that I’m stuck For an hour at least. Sad.

BLUE ALERT Boosie Badazz paints a prettier picture of “Santa Claus of the Ghetto.” In this rap A fifty dollar bill will make a kid smile bright
Thank you, Mr. Dope Dealer

BLUE ALERT Mini Meish has a “Wishlist” that’s pretty naughty: some new titties Wit a big ole ass and hundreds and 50s–and that’s not including the sexual favors she’d like added. Girl rap.

BLUE ALERT “Red Christmas” from Ray León seems to whipsaw between killing and paying. Shawty like 50 and think she still lit: Imagine her raising them kids. Petty like 50 on insta,  Results of the life that I’ve lived. Is that dollars? It’s intense, even for rap.

TIMŌRĀTUS presents us a charming heavy metal journey: “Christmas Present Conundrum (Courtney’s Crisis).” What should she get the hubby–last minute? Should it be a fifty dollar Starbucks card??? stay tuned!

Name Seven, etc., too

I guess it’s an underdog thing, to include the final two of Santa’s reindeer as a team. I thought it was every stag for itself.

But here’s a metal thrashing saga about “Donner and Blitzen” from Rob Halford that might shine a new light on those minxes. Feel free to compare that to Thor‘s rockabilly influenced metal cover.

Name Three

Prancer is a fun reindeer name. Probably inspires fun songs.

The Head of Prancer” is what happens to noisy neighbors in the wrong ‘hood. Santa’s Angry Elves ease up on their usual metal thrashings to make merry with this prey animal.