Christmas Countdown: 12 months

All I Want For Christmas,” country-drawls Toby Keith, is 12 more months of lovin’. That’s right. Don’t buy the millionaire nothin’.

Broken-hearted (more appropriately for the country music), Merle Haggard remarks that this “Lonely Night” marks twelve long months to remember. And to forget.

Just as worse off (maybe in the next twelve months there’ll be a chance), Broken Fires sighs about a “Winter Warmer” with you in it. Alt folk says it’s a long shot.

It’s been twelve whole months since he’s lost it over you, but Apollo Clone figures “I Deserve Coal” this Xmas for screwing it up with you. Rocking pop.

Jamie Lawson will be home 12 months to the day to see you, but it’ll only be “Footprints in the Snow” for the holidays. That was you walking away. Altpop.

Pounding altpop from She Wants Revenge mourns Christmas time again, the loneliest of all, the fear of how to make it to New Year’s: Raise your glass and toast to the one you miss the most And promise that you won’t be doing this again in twelve month’s time. This “Holiday Song” covers ALL the holidays, all the loneliness.

If you’re counting, Christmas comes every 12 months. Fake Zappa twists kid music into “Baby Santa Claus.” Spoiler alert: the baby born this day ain’t Jesus. Not in this chanting charmer.

Christmas Countdown: 23 down

It’s been twenty-three weeks Since life became so bleak, bewails “This Isn’t Christmas After All” rocked and metaled by Second Glance. Since… the Pandemic… and Santa died… and you know.

Gerald LaVert worries that he had a fight with his baby on the 21st. Now it’s the 23rd, the day before Christmas Eve See, she called me on the phone at six She won’t be seeing me. Crooning and swooning, growling and howling, this is “Christmas Without My Girl,” a R+B downer of December depression.

Had this poker face on for 23 days rap Thrice a Chuckle to the beat of inspirationally national humming. “Operation Santa Claus” is a kid deep undercover waiting up to see whether the Jolly Old Elf is genuine.

12/23 isn’t quite the last minute, but it gets us revving. “The Day Before the Night Before Christmas” is the pistol starter shot for being good from The Caroleers. Kidsong they way it used to be done.

If you’ve got a minute, take a bluesy walk down John Carroll’s chatty memory lane into “The Night Before the Night Before Christmas.” Great co-star guest list.

The Bobs, however, run a Peyton Place of suburban partying in “The Night Before the Night Before Christmas.” A cappella swing. Hold that note–!

Today we sing the praises of December 23rd ‘sing’ Paul and Storm in their slightly unharmonious march “Christmas Eve Eve.” See, according to the theory of contrast, humor springs from juxtaposing overbearing seriousness onto dismissive frivolity. So, ha.

Christmas Countdown: 48

Maya Huyan has a little story about getting presents for Xmas, it involves catching Santa publicly urinating at the point of her 48 Magnum. “Merry Litmas” is a wild rap ride, but it ends happily–like the whole BLUE ALERT was a dream….

Percy Parker is teaching times tables in “Warm Feet“–oddly a Christmas counter for boots for cows. That’s the kind of farmer Roger is, in Kidsong anyways. You’re expected to learn and singalong. Get to it.

Christmas Countdown: 100,000

The Oakwood Waits get medieval on “Wondrous Love.” Not sure what they’re counting, but there’s one hundred thousand of them. And it’s for God.

Lil B wants a million dollars when he hears “Santa is Coming (Christmas Spirit).” But this swaggeringly melodic kid rap invokes the hundred thousand line a couple times like it’s magic or some such. Could be the number of Kringles….

Felice Avian: subrogation

Does it have to be a reindeer? That flies? For Christmas?

Patsy Trigg notices something unusual around the barn–missing reindeer! Kidsong country (great slide guitar) cutely renames the replacement twirly tailed ones in the talented “It’s a Merry Christmas when Pigs Fly.” They’re like eagles apparently.

We may have seen kangaroos and horses and plenty other animals already bringing presents on the ol’ blog. But let’s wind it up with a prog rock poem “Fly on a Christmas Dragon” by Robby Grant. Kidsong chaos (and fire breathing) ensues.