Christmas Countdown: 5 rings

Yes, the big ‘number’ in ’12 Days’ is the ring count. Such an odd jewelry insertion into a bird/servant mix. It got noticed and celebrated.

MaynEax wants to know “What U Want 4 Christmas” ‘cuz it’s prolly HER. See, she’s sporting Five golden rings, Got the bling, Got all the cha ching–Like what you see? She’s gonna rap like that.

Brian Lubucki is too interested in you to worry about setting the scene: Snow falls and the choir sings Bout love and the five gold rings. That should do it. Harmonic rap to make “It’s Christmas” NOT stand out from the billion other holiday songs.

Also listing, Toby Young mixes Five golden rings and the TV, so at least imma wondering wassup. Gradual garage makes “Here for Christmas” playable.

Taylor Swift questions the symbols: Would the song still survive without five golden rings?Christmas Must be Something More” is the soaring diva country pop you expect from the brand.

Chance the Rapper and Jeremih paint a more personal portrait: Bucket full of wings, Trying to give about five golden rings, Balling for the chills, Drinks on, get your smoke on. Rapping with vocal exercises mixed in give us a “Chi-Town Christmas.”

Starshine Singers butt in with the antic kidsong “Where’s the Ring?” As in: Five rings are not for buying. One’s missing so we’re crying. Count along!

Stock Kings use Five gold rings as a placeholder rhyme for Indio Palm Springs. Just one of the ragtime rocking places “Santa Don’t Always Bring Snow on Christmas Day.” Cha cha cha, indeed.

Maybe it’s just more present. FaZe Kay electronic filters his “A FaZe Christmas Song” wishlist with: New LV, hell yeah, Givenchy-venchy, oh yeah, Five gold rings, hell yeah, Lambo or the ‘Rari, yeah… Silly rap.

Girlfriend management can be much: She said who is Saint Nick? all she want is Saint Laurent: Four birds that are calling or 5 rings that are all golden-Imma make sure Santa brings you everything you want. Hrtbrkblake’s got it bad; raps all over himself in “Mistletoe.”

And Michael Ferrera offers I would buy five golden ring If it’s change your mind… But “This Christmas (I’m Singin’ on My Own),” so i guess this indie pop gambit benefits him not at all.

Mark Erelli excels with the blue grass aftermath twanger “Ain’t No Time of the Year to be Alone.” By himself he decides: I want yule logs, reindeer, egg nogg, good cheer, Five golden rings, Not Kris Kringle’s singles therapy. Coping are we?

Christmas Countdown: 11 o’clock

[At Least for] A Little While” is a honky tonk song about an odd date: Baby, take me back to Christmas night, It was eleven o’clock when we got high. Good times.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen: Tonight, at this eleventh hour We have a very special treat for you: begins Legs Nose Robinson in a tribute to the Christmas 2013 Dr Who special in which Matt Smith is replaced by regeneration Peter Capaldi. “Goodbye Bowtie” is fun Brit pop.

Perhaps too drunk to appreciate the time of the year, Kristie K slur-raps, You know what’s going to happen When clock show eleven: You’ll be dancing and laughing. “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” doesn’t seem quite so here.

Swinging between adult and childhood, Darryl Rahn folk-pops “I Guess It’s Christmas” about when he’d be up all night to when he’d be sleepin’ ’til eleven. I guess I just grew up. So sad.

Much more Christmassy, “It’s That Time Again” is a bluegrass inflected ditty about standing outside the church It was about eleven, and the service was about to start and wondering about what if Christ were here today, that present for Dad, and what was that light? Rich Krueger’s stream of consciousness is festive.

Christmas Countdown: 24-()

Broken hears and loneliness are so much MORE this time of year.

There are roughly 80 Christmases in a lifetime; I have spent 24 one them on my Great-Grandma’s lap… begins Moon Moon Moon. This dreamy alt-pop “Adult Christmas” trashes the kiddie conceptions and suggests sex BLUE ALERT as an alternative. Say wha–?

December 24th” she came into your life. Then she was gone. So let’s rock about it. Robert Jackson and Alan Ihr make a meal of it.

It’s the 24th: The neighbors all go caroling; They dance around and sing, While I sit around and wait is the theme of “Alone on Christmas” by R+B growler Gatlin Loranze. Move on, moper.

Rich Evans wants Santa to bring you back to me, as he misses “Christmas Kissing.” In his rockabilly blues screamer, he mopes: I wonder is it me you remember On the 24th of December. Odd mix of uppers and downers.

Dead by Xmas” is the dying declaration [Friday is the 13th to 24th–
It’s not so long to go
] of the heartbroken from Hanoi Rocks with dramatic ’80s rocking. A girly translation from Sohodolls also rates high marks.

Getting colder, the killer’s at the door… “December 24” is an awful reminder of isolation for the banjo picking, tuba oomping, tune whistling John Galbraith. (Could be a happy ending coming.) Jugband fun.

Christmas countdown: 1928

Callback! “Bucky the One-Eyed Reindeer” returns to commemorate the big Christmas crash of ’28. Jaunty kid music from Santa’s Elves. Some blame on the stock market crash may seep in from this catastrophe. Depressing.

Flashback! “The Story of the Lawson Family” is more marred than made by its Xmas connection; hardly a holiday ditty. But it was 1928, and i found another artist–The White Brothers–who holler it pretty dadgum well.

Christmas Countdown: 1952

An odd tribute from “The Official Historian of Shirley Jean Berrell” from The Statler Brothers claims to know what she got for Christmas since 1952. Some actual country licks mixed in with this gossipy goop.

An awesome tribute to Hank Williams, Sr is “Christmas, 1952” a tinkling, tinkering slogger of a bluegrass eulogy from Ray Templeton. The talk is that ol’ Hiram (real name) was plagued with pain and pills and divorce and excommunication from the Opry and that was that. But the narrator here takes up his cause at the Xmas dance the week before he died of a doctor assisted OD. Really, you gotta hear this one.

Christmas Countdown: 2003

Forebodingburger starts out garage at “December 21, 2003” and is gonna make to Christmas Eve if it kills me. Fingers and toes crossed for ya, buddy.

Giving in to the rage, that’s um… sees “Christmas 2003” as a roadblock to self actualization. And BLUE ALERT‘s the mopey pop to boot.

More uplifting, Todd Bruhnsen’s missing you and drinking in “Christmas 2003.” The pain seems to have scarred over now with his guitar gently weeping.

That whole war thing was going on, so when Richard Melvin Brown sort of sings the ersatz clavichord country of “Santa Bring Daddy Home” his attempts to weeping go over as well as you’d expect.

On the other loss of limb, 2003 was so long ago it was the last time Sam Sky had “Xmas Feels,” when he was a kid. Now the R+B complaint is the lack of any sensation. Just want to feel something for Xmas… You know, the uzh.

The Sunflower Spectacle is looking further up with “The Christmas of 2003” and some childish antics. Alt-rock with loads of clanking.

An alt-rock song of friendship, “Anywhere You Go” is okay with AunA–despite those good old days of 12/03 when you decorated trees badly.

Aw, hell. This was a dumpster fire year. So here’s a phone call from dad in prison in the vaguely bluegrass “December 2003” by Do You Hear What I Hear? (feat. Those Guys). Regret. Shame. Sniffle.

Domain and Rangifer: trouble brewin’

Reindeer: ya let ’em on the roof they think it’s fandango time. I tell you.

Keep Those Reindeer Off My Rooftops ‘Cause My Rooftop’s Getting Full of Reindeer Hoofspots” is the cutesy country cornballing from J Jonathan Wiest. Fast paced trilling, and perhaps the longest title on the blog to boot.

Jerry Riggins ups the Downtown Nashville pickin’ with “Get Your Reindeer Off My Roof.” There’s a moral to this lesson, listeners.

Dave and Jeanine also callback to Ray Stevens with the hill-arious “Get Your Reindeer Off My Roof.” Ho Ho Heehaw.

Krismas Kookies add a dollop more jug band to the grouchy dad “Get Those Reindeer Off My Roof.” It’s a barbershop quintet of fun.

Paul ‘Jamo’ Jameson has a different problem in “Reindeer on My Roof.” This Ozzie kidsong worries about the one that got left behind. What’s a child to do?

Big Earl has a more specific worry when he’s “Tired of Cleaning Reindeer Shit Off My Roof.” A lovely excuse for some capital bluegrass. Mild Blue Alert.

X-claim: gee

Now, gee here is a euphemistic shortening for God. And Mommy’s little baby (that’s me) loves shortening. So let’s explore the whole one song that calls out GEE!

After accidentally hitting big with “Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes)” in the early ’60s Carla Thomas followed through in 1963 with “Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas.” Many imitate, no one improves on it. (The Beginning of the End funk it up pretty good, though.)

So in a big swerve (imma bored) Divine Blu-Tones rally up some garage bluegrass in the divine “Cheez Whiz for Christmas.” Nothing to do with calling out, but everything to do with novelty Christmas music.