Christmas Countdown: 4 measure/stuff

Phil Lea gets high pitched to go downtown, you know euphemistical-like. “Santa Comes Home” is all about after hours Christmas time, promising I’m talking 4 times the pleasure. R+B rapping.

More modern, Michael M avers “Baby, I Will Zoom You This Christmas.” It’s tough being apart during the Pandemic holidays. Please show me the tree 
In 4K HD
, he alt-rocks with festive gusto. Funny stuff.

La Buttue represents a girl who can’t get out of bed on “Xmas” despite pie and The carols sing On BBC Radio 4. Fragrant flute backs this echoic pop. Lonely fun.

Big Beautiful Williams notes “All I Want For Christmas” includes whiskey and smoke, but oddly begins with All i need is that gorilla glue number 4 With a big jacket wrapping around it You understand? Uhh, no. Don’t. (Inhalants? Medical supplements? DIY?) Melodic rap.

Carbon Leaf takes the Advent approach, counting the days of “Winter’s Eve” (including December 4, when he pushes the cloves into a tangerine. Despite the barn burning pop, it’s angsty.

The Stayawakes take us back to the ’90s where they CEL-E-BRATE with pop driven rock with a passel of parcels, including Police Academy 4 on the big screen at Christmas. “Let’s Stayawake at Christmas” is more than a suggestion, it’s the whole shebang.

Christmas Countdown: 4 winds/walls

In Louis Armstrong’s original jazz classic “‘Zat You, Santa Claus?” the poor schmoe is terrified by the cold winds and banging noises. Others, like the chucklesome Harry Connick, Jr. note the four winds. I like the sultry, seductive Lyn Stanley who seems to have snares set with bass rhythms and scat.

Four towns over is where she ran to after a Christmas spat, so Make Like Monkeys retro the rock for “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town (So Why Can’t U).” Makes me wanna holla.

John Moore is trapped in an airport whiteout, so has the time to notice the “35 Different Kinds of Snow” out there in where the four winds blow. Hopping pop. Wee!

Meanwhile… inside… home is closing in around us. Dala Girls are heartbroken ’cause you’re leaving during the holidays, in your “Hockey Sweater.” Four corners to my bed, Four angels ’round my head… count ’em. Gorgeous harmony for pop.

Stuck within the four walls is Alayna Kaelyn, separated from you in the sad “Alone at Christmas.” Looking at the sky a lot, so maybe no roof. Slow, breaking pop.

Looks like a prison, esp. when you’re alone. The soft pop of “(I Fucking Hate) Christmas” BLUE ALERT from Frank Hamilton prettily describes What do you buy the man who’s lost everything: Four walls, three chords, two bottles of wine. Even the fireplace is oppressive.

These four walls they keep caving in; It doesn′t feel like Christmas time at all, Capri moans prettily in the suffering Paean “Christmas in Our Hearts.” Stuck in masks that hide our grins is more nice than my memories of the times.

Covid Christmas” also troubles John Rahme, stuck between four walls. Pounding amateur rocking about going insane.

Carrying Goodness makes the best of it by drinking to “Winter.” It rocks. You barely notice being stuck.

Christmas Countdown: 4 people

Stephen Colbert’s ’08 Christmas special was finale-ed with his co-stars Elvis Costello and John Legend about the individualistic free will thing for the holidays. “There are Much Worse Things to Believe in” is a jazz-shaped show tune lounge act that makes you go hmm. And a one-man four-part Christmas carol, so really individualistic.

Cha$e D’Amico likes “Ice Skating.” Got the blades running on the ice so smoothly, I’m like a 4th Migo feeling bad and boujee! Sharply syncopated rap. Not like skating, musically.

In the best times VonE says Regardless of what I got you felt the loving In our house of just four. But the weird atonal falsetto meandering of “Merry Christmas” makes this rap (?) a horrorshow. A long one.

Chris Rea wails on his axe for the IRONIC “Joys of Christmas.” I see all the tough guysout on the street... Fathers of 2, 3 maybe 4, what are they gonna do? Masterful wordjazz that’s not joyful, not at all.

Also down in the dumps, Weatherfield barely sings his way through “Christmas Song.” Folk misspoken leads us to loss: This Christmas there’ll be 2 or 3 of us If we’re lucky maybe 4. As way of explanation, the las line is I just quit drinking so i know nothing at all.

I have four children strong and proud, And they have children too, warbles John McDermott. But it makes him have “Christmas Memories,” so with the finest Celtic pipes he hopscotches around hearths and homes with earnest cornballery.

More family fun from “Holiday Fun,” a jumpin’ breathless rocker from Andres Javier. Set to descend on the fam with gifts in tow, he reports: My bros and I are the four kings come in the night. Get that Christmas spirit ready, y’all.

Christmas Countdown: 4 wheels/feet

In a Stinkin’ hot December Melanie Gray travels Australia: Pack up my swag and head off Down a 4×4 trail road, Following the stars Where all the wisemen go. It’s all in the service of an “Outback Christmas Tree.” They’re more scary than Noble.

One of the reasons “Santa Stole My Girlfriend” was the ride. In this he sang/she sang, she barbs: So I know you have 4 wheel drive but…I left the car keys on the table–The sleigh is much more stable. Chris and Bri leave things up in the air, but this goofy pop/country is not turning back.

Thrice a Chuckle fell on the ice, hit his head, and saw a “Red Sled.” Others are skeptical of this rocking revelation–Even though it has four wheels, I know you know it’s real. Believe, you fools.

Drivin’ Home for Christmas” Fralphie Jenkins realizes he’s forgotten something. Pop rocking the search I′m down on all fours, seeing what I see: I’d rather be home by the Christmas tree. Wotta revolution’ development.

I think there’s snow in “Winter Song” by Januzzi Watchmen. You see, when they pop harmonize: Four feet below you is the ground–i get the chills.

A charming rap take on the Grinch, Bswift’s “Stealing Christmas” tells the whole tale, introducing a girl named Cindy Lou No taller than 4 foot 2. She’s a Who, not a ho, bro.

Shivan has a whispery banjo fantasy in the folk “This Christmas.” That time, that kiss, leaving footprints in fours in the snow… ahh, love.

Christmas Countdown: 4 years/weeks/months/days/hours/seconds

Lord Ferzy seems to be recording in his car, but the rap/R+B story of “Christmas is Gonna be in Heaven Tonight” takes a turn with the memory: four years ago I was waiting on my own For you to wish me a Merry Christmas, which happened and happiness was had. But now, not so happy. Meaning–oh, no.

Aimee Mann BLUE ALERT leans into the excuse-making alt-pop “I Was Thinking I Could Clean Up for Christmas.” Four more weeks that couldn’t make any difference, Except maybe to you. Heard it all before. But it is melodic.

Five for Fighting plays with offbeats and voice cracking for “Policeman’s Xmas Party.” After an unexplained crime scene, 4 weeks later it’s still Raining in the Park, Marine with a gun guards my house after dark… Yeah, dark. And pop.

Four Days to Go” from The Starshine Singers is kidsong from the elementary school stage. The days count down, the temp increases. Appropriate.

Travel this time of the year is not so merry: I’m spending 4 hours on a plane, yet again I’m losing 3 hours when I get there, but I don’t care, whisper-plains Asya Aydin in the hypnotic “I’m Coming Home.” Pop oddness.

All the innocent kids Are running around without cover For more than four seconds in “A Civilian Christmas.” Burmese Bombshells take an easy listening lounge approach to the wartime madness easing into festive gladness. My!

Christmas Countdown: 4 yo

The narrator in “Father Christmas” remembered believing in Santa when he was four. But in the modern days (of the ’70s) that icon gets no respect. The Kinks rock the not-quite-punk.

Skip Ewing tugs the heartstrings and country music guitar strings with the shameless orphan story of “Christmas Carol,” a three or four year old who breaks the heart of a mall Santa with adoptive consequences.

Dave Henninger gets more modern with a folk-infused country in “Merry Christmas to You.” The dear little one addressed is remembered as new born, When you were a little older–I would say around 3 or 4, and even today. Parental wonderment.

Driving through the Midwest, Nanci Griffith prefers “Shaking out the Snow.” Yet, she recalls in pop cum country, the mean prank one Christmas morn’ when I was four. My brother told me it was warm. This resulted in a deep seated pneumo-trauma. Shake it, girl.

Despite having heard some footsteps in the hall outside my door (The same ol’ Christmas trick my dad had played since I was four), the hero of Harry Connick Jr.’s “(It Must’ve Been Ol’) Santa Claus” does look outside… Big band magical shenanigans follow.

Loud Letters travels from the mysticism of being four to today when he’s on auto pilot. Alt-pop details something that’s “Like Christmas” but can never be again. Not like when a child. Bummer.

Christmas Countdown: 4:00 BLUE ALERT

Is 4 in the morning late or early? Zac Schultze Gang notices Just when I am thinking That the night is at an end, I end up in Coyotes and I’m there till 4AM in “A Medway Christmas.” That’s one of those ancient type locales in eastern England; so pop Brit rock.

Four o’clock, and I’m still up is also a problem for the poet-troubadour Cyrus Dali Vesuvala on his electric softt pop “Christmas Morning.”

Lil Kuzi recalls his Christmas List finally done I was up til four, when he heard a sound… But, BLUE ALERT it wasn’t nothing but his over imaginative conscience. “Saint Nick” lands like rap existentialism.

King Virtue couldn’t wait, so like most kids he’s up by 4 A.M. in “Christmas is My Favorite Holiday.” Fun rock with lots of pop music tinseled over it.

The Veras rock the family get-together, though Grandad‘ll be sound asleep by ten to four. “Have a Merry Christmas Time” is still a party and a half.

Destinee Maree is all about the home for the holidays. [Dinners at 4 and you better not be late.] She even swaps out boots, coats and rings off the gift list for the most precious things Love, life, family. “Everything” is lulling R+B sweetness.

Cainn9ne (feat. Trey K) raps the at-home life as well, but Granny out here baking cookies: We ate em after four–so there are house rules. “It’s That Time” may have multiple meanings.

The Revelator calls Joy over and over [Joy to the sunset at 4pm sharp], but it’s all ironic bleakness. “Joy to the Breakup (All I Want Christmas Is for You to Feel Bad)” is bitter pop from a dead place inside. Cool.

Silver Mouth notes the sun setting at a quarter past four, so maybe this siren pop is more southernly. Regardless “Hold On.”

Back to Christmas morning. The Stew Boys are begging BLUE ALERT! for Christmas off, but instead they’re up at 4 A.M. to “Make the Stew.” Hope you’re happy. The plodding pop makes me quite so.

Christmas Countdown: 5 measure up/down

Some songs can’t wait. Anthony Bvlgari is a bit succinct in his pop “Winter Break.” But here comes the 5, 4, 3, 2, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Get a calculator.

‘S not all kid-stuff. Motionless in White counts down in FULL BLUE ALERT the horrors you’ll get (from 5 to one) when “Santa’s Pissed.” Raging metal (that samples Family Guy).

Secret Santa” from Geneve (feat. Leroy J Stillness) bilingually haunts us with bluesy pop to take us from the best of holidays: Get ready for new years.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Let’s go; Let’s kiss under the mistletoe-Make this the last year that we’re only Christmas lovers, croons Tom Cridland in the jazzy pop “Christmassy Christmas Lover.” Almost cheesy.

I can count my blessings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and You, sweet sings Jalen Jones with schlocky pop that still isn’t cheese. “By Christmas You’ll Be Mine” almost chants hypnotically the whole seduction.

Leona Lewis R+Bs “One More Sleep” from one to five for her baby to get home for the holidays (and presumably interrupt all sleep).

How tall? You must be a South Pole elf with your 5’0″ self, rap-plains Arthur Ray (feat OSOM Stretch) in the bitter “Baby Come Back (B4 Xmas).”

Coming Home” for Christmas is a countdown for Lori Oz and her pretty folk music. From 18 miles to 10 to The sign says five more miles. Baby that’s not too far. Can’t wait.

Christmas Countdown: 5 more

Many a (rap) song mentions wanting a PS5, but i don’t care. A few carols allude to The Jackson 5. Whatevs. But we’re far from final with the fives.

Micah 5 mentions the prophet we celebrate, as told in the UK rapping “The Christmas Story.” Too many tea la las, but J.Walker from LTD is a clever freestyler, so okay.

The Mistletoe Tappers introduce themselves as lead “Roger the Polar Bear,” a multi-instrument penguin, and an arctic fox on drums. They rock the North Pole with an old-timer funk, Five encores later feeling high as a kite they bid adieu. Wild.

Just as weird, “The Serpent With a Star on His Head” allows a pagan approach to the birth of Christ. Sharks Teeth gets garage psychedelic with the symbolism: An inner-fire That you breathe With the five symbols on you. Ride it in glory.

Bad Santa” from L-T Terror is earthy, urban rap full of flava and eccentric references far from me: Big beard, five pack, Saint Nick, Merry Christmas. Five pack? Was he in an accident?

The Teeth interjects into Shannon Sionna’s “Trap Santa” with more rap lasciviousness: Keep a bag on me: I’ma bring you four or five gifts; I’m sliding down your chimney Stuffing stockings nice and naughty.

More kinky, All Students have a Christmas plan: As I see right before me your toes–I’m gonna suck (aye) One toe, two toes, all five down. “MistleToes” to the tune of Pachelbel is a pervy party (kinda like rap).

Some examples of how not to behave As a Christian, begins Terry Silva in his “Christmas Songs.” Pretty pop itemizes many naughty acts: Get down, get dirty, man on man, Try and jizz on his nose, spank his butt with a pan; F*ck 5 married women, steal their poo Then post it to your neighbour and covet his good. Marvy-mas.

Pleasant Bud’s “Christmas Party” adventure begins well: Presented my host with five apples in pie. But then the girl’s leg falls off… Cute filking.

A somber “Merry Christmas” from alt folk pop singer Sam Newton derides the TV in the backroom in a 5.1 sound. His hearing’s gone, it’s lonely, and humid (Australia?). Nothing’s too cheerful here.

Upbeat ragtime from Scottish the romantidote: “(Have Yourself) A Very Maudlin Christmas” is all about the disappointment of crowded get-togethers–Is there anybody else whose sick of sleigh-bells? Those five same movies that you’ve seen a thousand times? I believe you know this one.

Jumpy punk from Michael M recalls the Pandemic times of 2020: “I’m Fine with the Fact That I’ve Ruined Christmas.” Five packs of coveted toilet paper is one of the gifts, so far as i’m concerned, he saved Christmas.

Frankie and the Lake County Collective also claim “I’m So Over Christmas” with even more perky country pop. Same five songs everywhere I go... well, stop on by the blog. Just saying.

Christmas Countdown: 5th

December 25th I’m chuggin on a 5th, raps YT (feat. The Don Smoke) in a boo… boogie woogieA Haunting On Christmas.” Not sure the trapping and drinking is a good enough excuse for the pouring blood down the street. Guess they’re being naughty.

BLUE ALERT from Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (featuring Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, The Creator, and Hodgy Beats) who also drank a fifth of eggnog and spewed the obscene hate that is “Fuck This Christmas.” Blackout drunk rap poetry.

The height of the romantic December season was the 5th we got it in and then we made some cookies. But it went downhill by the 10th. So it’s “Lonely for Christmas” a shrill alto soul ugly cry. Aryah got some chops and i’m not mad at the arrangement.

Lagoona Bloona is happy she got you for Christmas. No gift off 5th Avenue compares. Which is why it’s gonna be a “Blow Christmas.” Sassy drag queen R+B.

Old school rap from DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, “Family Christmas” is about people: You cant buy happiness at Sax 5th Ave. Dance, Grandma!

Bebopping pop from LostAlone also sets the sights from Little Italy, Rockefeller Center, and 5th Avenue in the hyper “I Want Christmas Always.” Dingdong.

The funkiest dig at 5th Avenue comes from Sarah Pillow. She suggests moving west past the crushing crowds for a “Hell’s Kitchen at Christmas Time.” Suggestive it is.