Christmas Countdown: 6 okay

White Lucy is fighting to stay in the cheer zone. I can’t feel right Give you my time… Gave it all to my worst friends Who ruin “Xmas on the Westside” Like progressives on the left side: 3 drinks in. 6 shots deep. The rap roils.

Sharks’ Teeth is here to synthesize my realties: Brain is the source of self And Mars is the source of power; I long, Long to exalt you now–You six dimensional, Six minerals. “The Christmas on Christmas” is psychedelic light rock to expand your eyes.

Millennials get confused easily: “How many times can we put the lights on the tree? Watching Gremlins when it’s 6 degrees” Lovers Turn to Monsters want to know in their gentle garage wandering “It’s Weird to Think There’ll Always be a Christmas Probably.” Have some fun, guys.

Cold enough? Does that “Snowflake” have Six sides stab through me like ice picks? Wew Lads Tbh have the experimental pop music answers for you. Holy metaphorical breakup, Santa!

Meghan Trainor counts on her “Naughty List” to pop about how unfair it is. But it just goes to And six, I’m so tired of this That’s my Christmas list. Playful dance nonsense.

Deepa Sashadri also limits her list of “Resolutions” to 6 [Gonna work harder and save up some money]. Bouncy pop for not taking it all too seriously. So there.

Preaching to the Floridians, BKj-52 & Spechouse rap “Best Time of the Year” to the unaware [But you in the snow with ya six kids Smashin’ through the road in ya town or ya district (Uh)] to get into the spirit. Uplifting.

Not trying to one-up on the baby savior, but does “Gold, Frankicense, and Myrrth” compare with jewelry, instruments, and Anna’s best was cute A six-foot ted, called Ted. The Mistletoe Tappers jazz up ukulele folk with carnival music, hyper pop, and silent movie chase music.