Christmas Countdown: 5 yo

Is five the best age for Christmas Day?? Valerie Warntz misses it: Now I can’t feel this Magical Mood like I am 5 years, she mourns in “Oh, Winter,” a sad, melodic indie about lost innocence–right when you need it.

Mentally I’m at a five But it helps that spirit’s high, chortles Carl Does Music for the industrial pop “Christmas Now.” This de-aging is like temporary insanity.

Cheesy show tune from Lea Michele admits that you may Find me on Broadway or at the ballet And I’m five years old again, Making my wish list, but all I wish is For another “Christmas in New York.” Calling the Hallmark Channel.

It’s the Same feeling since I was five, adds Tori Kelly with yodeling pop country childishness. “Kid Again on Christmas” is all the R+B feels, but white.

Was it all that, tho? In The Beach Boys’ “Santa’s Beard” the little bro stood in line and he shook like a leaf; He’s only five and a half goin’ on six. But then he exposes the Santa imposter! Big brother seems to suffer more trauma. Surf pop.

The disillusion hits hard at this time of like. Ice Nine Kills targets a five-year-old as victim in their frenetic metal “Merry Axe-Mas.” BLUE ALERT to create the vicious circle of vengeance.

BLUE ALERT Eazy-E admits: I used to believe in Saint Dick when Elvis was alive, But all the fucking bullshit got played when I was five. “Merry Muthafuckin’ Xmas” is a party rap with no inhibition.

Back when I was five Christmas was magical. But “Christmas Lights” trigger regret for Rauf Yusuf with swinging pop regrets over family loss. Growing up’s hard.

Helen Arney sings of David who When he was 5 years old, A snowman knocked him out cold. “Never Built a Snowman” seems to be the worst of his worries in this epic pop tragedy. What a story.

Miracles matter at this age. In “Christmas Cheer” HXLT hasn’t much for his five year old son, but the anthem rock reveals his brother is going card max out for the nephew. That’s a holiday ending. Take it.

Tremulo on cliches, five-year-old identity vs. role confusion, swirly pop music… “That’s What Christmas Really Means to Me,” according to Paul & Friends. ‘Nuff said.

A long dead five-year -old wrote “The Old Christmas Letter” found in an auctioned desk. Eagleman Band strum and plod their way through this tear-jerker with listless country.

…there’s a place, yeah, that I know Where you can fall in love like you’re five years old, says Matt Luneburg in the light pop mysticism of “Christmas Land.” Despite wars and strife, we have a refuge for our inner litt’lun. Good.

In “For Christmas Sake” by New Found Glory we get a better sense of the young: Eyes wide, it’s Christmas morning: Five years old, I’m hoping GI Joes; And Castle Grey Skull would make me the king of the block. They conclude, So I stay young Like the way it was… For Christmas sake. Well put. Light rock.