Christmas Countdown: 12 more

What else is there twelve of for Christmas?

Pop song “Snowman” by Stephen Cohen with Venus XTC mush-mouths the ultimatum: true love or nothing (not even parties or presents or tables for twelve). Building a snowman with her does that, apparently. Talent shines here.

Kylie Minogue don’t want it to be a “Cried Out Christmas” without you. So, her pop song comes with directions: Get in a cab, or just take the blue line; It’s only twelve stops. There’ll be kissing if you make it home to her.

Rodolfo de la Peña in a similar vein wants not to have “Christmas on My Own.” His jazzy pop also gives directions but now they’re to himself: I’d take twelve steps just for one chance To whisper ‘you’re wonderful.’ Wait, that’s a program.

Mekhi Randle raps out 12 wishes from the “Red Sleigh.” These include a water bed, a Benz, but–BLUE ALERT–he’s not happy.

On the positive side Chris Brown raps happy: Feeling good yeah, I’m full of cheer (oh) I’ve been waiting for them 12 reindeer. “This X-mas” celebrates with R+B rhythms.

Boogie woogieing like it’s a real party, Phil Harrison spares no pun in his toe-tapping “Holly Said to Ivy“–But I’m gonna draw the line At twelve drummers drumming!

Getting into the spirit of things King Virtue proclaims: I sing twelve songs for Christmas; If they need more to make right, I’d sing twelve more to cure us. “12 Songs for Christmas” is startlingly spry pop music.