Christmas Countdown: 31st BLUE LIST

Starting a bit early (31 days ’til Christmas) Straight No Chaser start their countdown (in multiples of 7) toasting “To Christmas!” This is a cappella that bears repeating. (It’s only 6 days ’til New Years!)

The 31st itself may be a bit late. Katherine McPhee divas us with Years almost over Sure looks like December; The snow and ice on the ground, I hadn’t sent a single Christmas card, The 31st is coming around… But “It’s Not Christmas Without You” means that time is a feeling, not a particular day. Soaring/hokey pop.

Sergio Otrero, however, hates the 24th and the 31st as fake excuses for family get-togethers. In a BLUE ALERT hard rocker “Christmas Hyporcrisy” also maintains the heart, not the clock, is what matters.