Christmas Countdown: 364∑

364 days may be less of a wait for next Xmas when it’s together.

Leanne Weiss croons pop lovery in the mediocre “Christmas Again.” Yes, the 364 days you are with me feel like Christmas Again. You’re gifted!

Today’s the day for “Sexmas” also croons The Collective. All 364 you been waiting to put it on me, lays out the lyrics–but adds cookies and hot chocolate so the time has flown until the smashin’.

The Christmas Kids Cottage rock’n’roll so we can altogether wait the “364 Days” ’til Christmas.

We may be in the year-long Christmas-less time together, but what about Saint Nicholas, Saint Nicholas, at the North Pole 364 days spent all alone. Murder City Devils pretty up the garage rock with fiddle and sentiment for “364 Days.” I’ll drink to that.