X-Claim: yes

An interjection good enough to end Finnegans Wake, YES may be what Christmas is all about.

Yes It’s Christmas!” is Illingworth’s country rocker on Adderall. Meaning, it’s for the kids. Brace yourself.

Ender Bender’s “Yes It’s Christmas” is also hyper, but that suits dance pop better. You might wanna caffeinate up to keep up.

Randy Becker slows the mood way down with his jazz solemnity “Yes It’s Christmas.” Did somebody die? (Wait, that’s Easter.) (Not really.)

Bebe Winans tries to up spirits again with a heavily orchestrated anthem “Yes It’s Christmas.” Biblical show tune.

The Hipwaders go right for the kids with their folksy pop rock. But “Yes, It’s Christmas” has a Celtic declamatory riff to it that demands obedience. Sign me up.