X-claim: yeah yeah yeah

More than a Beatles’ place holder, the aspirational aspiration of agreement herein marks an all-in vote for the holidays.

Robbie Williams starts the show with a swingin’ show-stopper “Yeah! It’s Christmas.” This IS the stuff.

Wait, what about weird? Tristan Gianelli experimentally rocks and reverbs “Christmas Yeah.” Yeah wins.

Tampa Stan has a ‘goodie’ about Xmas “Yeah, God’s Like That.” Beach bum rap for Xmas. Spooky.

Yeah, I Know It’s Christmastime” is the angsty cry of the existential millennial Andrew Dost. Then a deep reflective dive. And all is good. What a journey!

Channeling Harry Nilsson, Todd McHatton successfully celebrates “Yeah Merry Christmas” with all the proper pop.

Sage Hill alt-countries a fun folk anthem “Yeah It’s Christmas.” Yeah.

Ikoliks Afro-pops “Yeah It’s Christmas” like they’re in church and you need to save your soul with this.

The Great Collections (??) lets loose with multiple yeahs in “Yeah It’s Christmas.” a retro nostalgic pop psychedelic easy-listening mish mash. Love it.

Leon, James, Alex, Luke, and Leon may not take “Yeah Yeah Christmas!” seriously, but that’s the song. Pop frolics.

Then there’s musical wallpaper, a backdrop for the mood of the room. “Christmas Yeah Yeah” barely qualifies as a song, but it sets the tone for the will-he/won’t-he tension of the holiday get-together.

Find the cure with garage rockabilly in the body of “It’s Christmas (Yeah Yeah Yeah)” from the Gorgons. Ouch. (In the good way.)

Yeah Yeah (It’s Christmas)” is the alt-rock fun of bebopping AND there’s a song in there. Dams of the West play for fun.