X-claim: oh my god [slight BLUE ALERT]

Many of these interjections are softened forms of taking the Lord’s name in vain. (In vanity, which means you done cussed for your own selfish ends, not for the prayer’s worth of it.)

Family of the Year get behind “OMG It’s Christmas” with a soft rock/pop slurry of fun. They believe.

Speaking of belief–Ty Hunter’s “Oh My God” is that country music wordplay thing that’s the thinking bubba’s headscratcher. It’s pithy and punny and pious. And a waltz!

Less produced, more devout: “Oh My God It’s Christmas” by Randolph Steed and his trusty banjo in his den.

Brendan Ashton gets quieter and more sardonic with his hipster poem “Oh My God It’s Christmas Again.” Plenty of talent un Der that reindeer onesie.

The Gamer of Blood War (Ellis) has cobbled together a little sump’n sump’n of a song entitled “Oh My God It’s Christmas.” This was inspired by a zombie shooting vid-game, and it gets a little BLUE (quite a few songs exclaim ‘Oh -[expetive deleted] – it’s Chrismuzz!’ which have already floated to the top of the blog before now but attain goodness not by repetition). Electronica.