Facts Uplift Charles Kuralt

Not EXACTLY Xmas, that time of the year can result in invective to color a sailor’s cheeks. (No, i don’t mean Chanukah… we covered that already.) Listen, just listen:

Xmas Socks (what a band name!) outcry their concerns with “Fuck Idolatry.” Who took the bleep out of bleeping bleepmas?

Matt Owens brings us back to church with an epic ballad “One Fuck of a Year,” a Christmas-adjacent retrospective of headache and regret. Keep the lessons a hunnert, man. And–puppies!

Then there’s the TOO-EARLY celebration. Doug Walker is back (The Nostalgic Critic) with a show tune warning us off the “Holiday Clusterf**k,” that chilly quarter of the year from equinox to solstice. It’s not Christmas, it’s business! Who knew corporations could be so unkind?