Presents of Mine: what do you want me to say?

Reactions to bad presents vary: disappointment, disappointment, rage, disappointment.

Okay, and light regret. Marc Sardou visits the materialistic guilt that might make you a nongiftarian in “What Gifts You See.” I’m not falling for this humanitarianism!

Another Taylor Swift parody (‘Bad Blood’) twisted into”Bad Gift.” Thanks, Bella Godiva.

What you really want to do is “Keep the Receipt (This Christmas).” The Bad Detectives go folk rock classy and make me tap the toe. You should be writing this down….

Lil Poverty Angels are back with “Fake Reactions to Bad Christmas Gifts.” Spoken this time. Then “How to Return Christmas Gifts.” Finally “Infamous Christmas Regifters.” Life hacks!

Certainly those are better than the drawling doddering Bob Blake with attempted country music in “Christmas Gift Returns.” I’d like to exchange this song, please.

Garfunkle and Oates get gnarly with “Present Face.” Knowing them, this is like orgasm face but worse. Sprightly folk.