Presents of Mine: sack o’ ren

So sweet come the Christmas songs about the real present for you, even i submit. (Not made of stone, people.)

If we’re talking cornball, i should point out that overly sentimental does not a poor musical decision make–songs can be fine while pouring on the sugar. Cultural footnote Don Ho goes soulful with “The Christmas Gift” (not a wise choice in backup singer, though).

A bit young, but also soulful, Victoria Majors croons “Present for Christmas” for that special boy (under 20, i presume).

Not exactly the velvet fog, Jeff Meegan really cools “Let Her Gift be Me.” Jazz you can snuggle to.

Neal and Leandra have a quiet young parents moment in their unplugged folk “The Present.” Play it quietly after rest of all the family is down and you’re alone with that certain someone.