State Forty-Eight: Washington

The Evergreen State is just a bit damp with winter wit.
Duffy Bishop sends up the old saw ‘Walkin in a Winter Wonderland’ with “Sippin’ in Seattle’s Latte Land.” It’s just barely funny. But that’s funny enough for Washingtonians.
Dana Spencer gives us earnest bluegrass hollerin’ with “It’s Christmas Eve in Washington.” Those St. Helens survivors are just a bunch of pioneer wild west hombres anyway. Humbug.
Guess I’ll stick with wackiness. The Double Tall Skinny Strangers have poured their hearts out to mock Carol of the Bells by lamenting how lousy their Sound weather is in “(Just Another) Wet Seattle Christmas.” This ‘tube version (blasted over the speakers of an eight-year-olds’ dance recital) includes the grunge guitar interlude that sends this sendup over the top to the classical heights of xmas xcess.